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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Forgotten Blog

     How do you forget a blog? I am shaking my head. Today I was reading someone's blog. I really liked the look of the blog and decided to click on the icon to see where the blog was hosted. I could not believe my eyes. Tea With Twilight popped up. I had completely forgotten about it. Sadly I had not posted a word since 2009. That's not to say I didn't continue my writing.
     Since the inadvertent abandonment of my blog I have posted a website
I must warn you that when you click on the link the page loads with the music of Michael Jackson (MJ). I was so shocked by the news and so sad about his passing that I created this website just to lift my spirits. I began to notice that each time I clicked on the site and the page loaded with the Man in the Mirror, I felt some happiness, hope, even uplifted. Now when I am feeling a little down about anything I click on this page and with the first note of the song I feel the urge to sway and snap my fingers. As the song progresses I'm singing with him, snapping my fingers and clapping my hands. My emotions of sadness, disappointment or whatever was weighing me down take a backseat. The music, MJ's voice and me singing and moving with the rhythm is all thats left in that moment of time.
     I have also self published 3 books on Amazon under my name of Brigitta Moon. My first book began the series of Him. This story captures the emotions of a woman tormented by her feelings for a man she believed she loved from the moment her eyes met his. Book 2, Him Again continues the story of Him.  The hopeless romantic that she is has lead her to continue her involvement in a roller coaster relationship with her love at first sight man. Her tortured soul struggles to survive as she battles her feeling of love and hate towards Him. Book three is on it's way. The third book I published is a self help book with a plan to help you get out of debt and begin to save and invest your money. This book is a quick read and easy to understand. It is packed with useable knowledge for every day life. So, welcome to the class of debt relief. Click on the link to explore these books.
     It was a nice surprise to find my old friend Tea With Twilight. Stop in again and enjoy Tea With Twilight. I intend to visit as often as possible.

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