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Friday, May 30, 2014

No Envelope Needed

     A young man is about to graduate from high school. Over the past year he has been working at an internship; going to school half a day and the internship the other half. The last day for his intern ship was close. His mother happened across a Thank You Card displayed on the top of his notebook.
     "This is a really nice card son. Who is it for?" she remarked to him.
     "It's for Mr. Jones, my internship mentor," the son replied.
     "Where is your envelope?" the mother asked.
     "I did't purchase one," the son responded.
     "Son, the envelope is included with the card," the mother replied.
     "Oh, I didn't know," was his response.
     "I have extras somewhere. I will get you one that fits your card," the mom offered.
     "I don't need an envelope. That's why I didn't get one," he responded.
     "You do need an envelope. You can't hand him a card that's not in an envelope," the mom informed her son.
     "But mom, when you hand someone a card, they know a card is inside. They take it out of the envelope, read the card and throw the envelope away. So now when I hand it to Mr. Jones he will see the card right away. So, why do I need an envelope?"


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