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Friday, August 21, 2015

Marry For Love? Marry For Money?

      It was family movie night at the Holsum's home. Four elementary children, two girls, two boys lay on their sleeping bags on the grass, chins propped on their hands, legs bent at the knees, feet flapping happily in the air under the moon lit sky; eyes ogling the makeshift movie screen. The adults sat comfortably behind in their lawn chairs, carbonated drinks in their hands, whispering conversation here and there. The movie was ending. Belle and Beast with eyes locked danced into jubilant oblivion. Happily ever after.
      Kay's head tilted to the side. Four fingers touched her cheek. Her lips parted in a delicate smile, "So beautiful. Always marry for love," she said dreamily.
       Janice scoffed at her, "You're kidding right? Marry for love?
      "No, I'm not kidding." Kay turned in her chair, faced Janice, "Money won't buy you happiness Janice."
      "But it will buy me whatever I want," Janice said outstretching her arms as if offering the world.         "When my husband pisses me off, I don't have to sit and stew. I just take his credit cards and off I go. Shopping."
      "And that's your definition of happiness, of love, of marriage?" Kay asked Janice.
      "Perhaps you weren't listening Kay. I said marry for money. No love involved honey. Just money."
      "So, just to be clear," Kay began, index finger on her chin, "If you fell in love with a man who didn't meet your required income statement, you wouldn't marry him if he asked?"
      Janice's lips went into a tight line, she side eyed kay with a pitying glance, crossed her legs. Laced her fingers around her knees. "No, honey. I wouldn't. He would be history. "No cash...dash," She pointed her finger toward the wilderness.
      Carmen sat quiet, legs crossed at the ankles, elbow leaning on the armrest, cheek resting in her hand. Uncommitted to the conversation. She took a sip of her fizzling drink.
      "What do you think Carmen?" Kay asked reeling her in.
       Sitting up straiter in the lawn chair, eyeing her two sisters Carmen said, "Well, I guess you could learn to love a rich man."

So, what's your opinion? What would you have said to Kay's question?

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm Just Wondering, Polly Wants a Cracker

Have you ever been bored and your mind just took off on a road of thoughts to nowhere? My mind did that today. "Polly want's a cracker." What? Why did I just think that. I don't know. So, I let my mind continue down the road. Why does everyone know that phrase? What does it even mean?

I have the answers, quick and easy at these website  Feed your brain and this site The Bird Channel

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Monday, August 10, 2015

It's in the Water

All summer I have been trying to reverse the weight gain from my winter fun of unlimited chocolate, soda and chip snacking. Even drinking diet Pepsi added weight, so I decided why drink diet if I'm still going to gain weight? So back to my regular Pepsi I went. Now toward the end of the summer, I have found an answer or should I say changes I am happy to make in the name of health and weight loss. Would you believe it is in the water?

The thought of adding cucumber to my water was appalling. I must admit after trying it, I found it tasty and I was hooked. So now at the gym or on my long walk or run, I have a bottle of my homemade water with me.

The hardest thing to do was to give up my Pepsi, but I have found that I don't miss the soda or the junk food since I have started drinking my new found water. All you need is fruit, water and the knowledge of which fruit is best for your ultimate goal. I do acknowledge the cucumber is a veggie and not a fruit.

We all desire a flat tummy unless we are expecting a bundle of joy. Here is what you will need:

  • A water pitcher
  • 6 cups of filtered water
  • 1 tbsp of grated ginger
  • 1 cucumber sliced 
  • 1 lemon sliced
  • 1/3 cup of mint leaves
Let the mixture sit overnight in the fridge. Spend your day enjoying this flavored water.

Let's look at the benefits of the ingredients:
  1. Water- Water is synonymous with life. It keeps the body hydrated. Hydration is important because dehydration can slow down the fat burning process. It lubricates joints and muscles during exercise and helps to innervate the blood supply and oxygen to muscles. Water also helps to give a  feeling of fullness during meals so we don’t overeat.
  2. Cucumbers- Helps with hydrating your body. Proper hydration gives you the added benefit of having more energy and helping your body's organs to perform their jobs better. Cucumbers also provide you with vitamins and minerals as well as bringing down your blood pressure. They also serve to curb your appetite. So drinking a cup of cucumber water when you're hungry can help you hold off until your next meal. So when you feel hungry and it's not quite mealtime, you may just be thirsty. Staying hydrated will also keep your skin supple and smooth as well as calming irritated skin such as acne and blemishes. I love cucumber water. It's tasty and satisfying. I actually added cucumber slices to my bottled water but, my daughter also found the water tasty, so I started using the water pitcher. The colder it is the better. 20 minutes in the freezer is awesome.
  3. Lemons- They are high in pectin fiber which helps to suppress food cravings. They also help the body to eliminate waste products by cleansing and detoxifying it. Lemons are alkaline forming and will aid with weight loss.
  4. Mint Leaves- It's a well know fact that mint helps to freshen the breath. Mint also aids in digestion and cleanses the palate. There is also the flavor and aroma mint emits. 
  5. Ginger- Tends to give you a feeling of fullness preventing overeating.

A not guilty verdict. A kidnapping. A midnight trial. Six sitting in judgment and one empty chair. 

Revenge- is it sweet or just a bitter seed? Coach Terrence Jackson is the man who has divided the town of Marston. There are those who believe in the coach and his innocence and then there are the victims who despise him, his smile and his crime. He has a dark past- a previous life no one knew about until the not guilty verdict.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Author Producing an Audiobook Using ACX Part 5: How to Gift An Audible Book


Creating an audiobook is an experience to be had by any author. Once you hear the finished product and you find yourself feeling ecstatic with the results as I did, you will now move on to the next step; getting reviews for your audiobook. Reviews seem to be the hardest thing to obtain.

When the Audible audiobook goes up for sale on the site, Audible will send the author 25 codes which allows the receivers of these codes to download the book for free.  You are 25 codes closer to reviews. But here is a warning, a free code is a credit for the bearer to use as he or she pleases. Since you as the author has worked so hard on writing a great novel and invested hard earned money and time into producing your Audible book, make sure the complimentary code is used for your book. Here are the steps:

  1. Copy the code from the email you received from ACX to your clip board.
  2. Sign into your Audible account.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click Redeem A Promo Code.
  5. Paste the code into the box.
  6. You will see a thank you message.
  7. In your account you will notice you now have one credit available.
  8. Click Redeem again.
  9. Find your book using the search box.
  10. Click on your book.
  11. On the right you will see a link that says give as a gift. Click it.
  12. You can package your gift- pick a card, write a note, add the email of the receiver, add you as the sender.
  13. Preview your card.
  14. You can edit the card or send it.
  15. Now the credit has been used for your book as intended and nothing else.
  16. If you are more of a visual person, this youtube video by Rocking Self Publishing is awesome How to Use ACX Author Promo Codes More Effectively


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Free Audible Book

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5. Listen and enjoy.

6. Tell everyone what you thought by leaving a review.