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Monday, May 5, 2014

Is It Love or Is It Lust

So, have you been evaluating the relationship between you and your significant other? What makes you want to evaluate it? Is something about the relationship just not feeling right with you? Have you been thinking about ending it? Many relationships enter this phase. After the honeymoon phase is over, then what? Let's try to separate these relationships into two categories, lust and love. See where your's fit in. In the beginning of the relationship you were instant lovers. Not a lot of conversation. Maybe not even a lot of outings. But, you felt so attracted to the other person. You just could not wait to get together. The company was great. But what were you doing during your time together? Was most of it spent in the bedroom? Once you left there did you have anything in common other than the bedroom. Some couples think since we get along so well in the bedroom it has to be love. I'm here to tell you it is lust. If you can't wait to see your significant other just to head for the bedroom, it is lust. Once the relationship begins to age, you find yourself feeling unfulfilled, checking out other fish in the sea. Love is much more, starting out as friends, getting to know each other. Know likes, dislikes, what makes the other happy or sad, or sharing secrets, ups and downs. You need to spend time together, getting to know each other. That's right, the old fashioned courting. You need to see if the two of you are compatible in life and not just the bedroom. If you are truly in love, when you reach the point of heading for the bedroom, it will be an experience topped by no other. It will be genuine love making and not just lustful sex. When the relationship ages the love will still be there. The partners take the time to keep their moments together interesting.  A relationship based on love is hard work and time consuming. A relationship based on lust takes no time, no work, and is short lived. So where does your relationship fall in this scheme, lust or love?

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