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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Buyer Beware! Paypal Credit Has Changed

Sadly, Paypal is not the company it was before Synchrony Financial took over. The ease of using Paypal and the friendly customer service reps are gone. If you have not read the new TERMS of SERVICE, do so before paying for your item with Paypal Credit.

Here is the change that crossed my eyes. I pay for my vacations with Paypal when I rent a condo from Redweek. I like the buyer protection and the six months to pay without interest offered by Paypal. The first change to come was no more no payment required monthly—just pay the balance within six months to avoid interest. Now, since Synchrony, you must make a minimum payment monthly.

When the seller sent me the invoice, it was different from what I was used to seeing. Instead of it saying invoice, it read—Request For Funds. The whole exchange felt uneasy, so I called Paypal Credit. Here's the eye-crosser. If I had paid that request for funds, it would have been considered a cash advance—25% interest.

To receive the six months to pay, you must purchase your item from a website. A seller cannot send you an invoice if you want to take advantage of the six months to pay without interest.

Before you use Paypal which is now run by Synchrony Bank, read up on all the changes so your money does not end up in their pockets.

If you intend to call Paypal Credit, block off at least fifteen minutes to get through the voice prompts. Be prepared to verify your information three times. When I finally reached a real person and told him it took me fifteen minutes to get through all the voice prompts and verifications, he asked me to verify my information again and then told me there is no way around the lengthy tree.

Every day things change. Seeing Paypal become Synchrony Bank and losing all the reasons I used Paypal disappear makes me shake my head. Paypal was so popular because they were customer-friendly. So, before you pay the request for funds or use any other Paypal feature, READ the new TERMS of SERVICE to avoid a horrible experience such as paying cash advance interest rates. And remember, the company is no longer Paypal, It's Synchrony; at least until 2028.

Want to know why Paypal made this deal with Synchrony? Read all about it here.

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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Money Heist

Money Heist. Have you seen it? My daughters asked me this a few times. I asked them, "Why, what is so good about it?" Their response was, "It's so good. You have to watch it." Well, that didn't give me any information. So, one night I decided I would try it—watch Money Heist. Season One. Darn! It's a series. I try not to get hooked on those. I tend to lose sleep. Five minutes in, I was asking myself, what is so good about this? Ten minutes in—same question. Next thing I knew it was three a.m. and I had to get up for work at seven a.m. What happened. Why was I binging on this series? I went to work, and my only thought was how much longer until I get off so I watch Money Heist? I finished season one in two sittings. I lost a lot of sleep, but I regret none of it. When season one was done, and I was anxiously anticipating seeing season two, I had one question. What kept me watching. I have a few thoughts for you. This series has everything an awesome thriller has. Not just a thriller, but a runaway train thriller. It grabs the viewer, hooks you, and refuses to let go. You don't have time to catch your breath before you're going over another cliff. I can finger five components that kept me watching and loving Money Heist.

      1. The Characters - Who are you rooting for? Now, that is a difficult choice. It is almost impossible to select just one. These characters are multidimensional. They have emotions, beliefs, opinions, backgrounds, and most of all they have baggage. They are criminals. Although they bring heavy bags to the table, they also bring a skill that will hopefully carry the heist to success. Each character draws you to their side. Maybe what he or she did is wrong, but they have charisma. They make you see it from their point of view, and then you're baffled, rolling around in a sea of confusion because you like them. Are they wrong? They are holding sixty-seven people hostage, but the public opinion is on their side. Mine too, but then you have the inspector. She wants to hunt them down and give them what they deserve, and it isn't money. The funny thing is I like her too. She's a woman in a man's world trying to do her job with success, but she's vulnerable, also toting heavy bags, and she is falling in love with the one man who stands between her and her goal to shut down the heist. Do you dislike him?  The Professor? If you close your eyes and imagine what he looks like because of his name. You won't be wrong. He is a man you would probably never see if he was standing in front of you, until you keep watching the show and begin to find your self liking him, rooting for him.
Each character is completely different in personality makeup, so opposite, you expect explosions. Out of all the characters of Money Heist, there is only one who I can say I did not like. I didn't feel a bit of sorrow for him when they strapped him with dynamite. Arturo was getting what he deserved—the whinny coward. On that note, I'll move to component number two.

     2. The Money - Millions and millions of euros. What if you could get your hands on all that money? Will the robbers win? Will they get away with all that money? Here is the bigger question. Do you want the robbers to win? Right or wrong? Somehow, the question is no longer simple to answer.

     3. Love Stories - Who doesn't enjoy a good love story? There is no shortage of love stories in Money Heist. There were rules. No relationships. The problem is love and sex trump all. The one that stands out the most for me is between the robber and a hostage. There are mitigating circumstances, right? It gets to the point where you're left wondering—is it wrong? Is it really love or Stockholm syndrome? Deep inside you may question it, but you're thinking it's love. It has to be. At one point I sent my daughter a text message saying—This is porn! She responded with a laughing emoji and told me to cover my eyes 😂The second love story that twists your mind is the one between the Professor and Raquel. He has this perfectly laid out plan. He's meticulous in everything he does... until Raquel.

     4. Dreams - They all have problems that they think the money will solve. They have big dreams of the new life the money will give them.  Who hasn't latched on to a dream at some point in their life?

     5. Cliffhangers - Every single episode ends with a cliffhanger. From the first episode, you hop onto this speeding train which doesn't slow down or stop. The next thing you know, you're hanging off a cliff. There is no way you're going to stop watching. It's like a book that's so good you keep turning pages. What happens? You click the next episode, and the next, and the next until you realize if you don't go to sleep the sun will be coming up.

Money Heist. Have you seen it? Who are you rooting for? Don't you just love those masks? Well, I'm off to season two!

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