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Friday, August 23, 2019

VICAP - Word for Today

Just what does the acronym VICAP represent? Violent Criminal Apprehension Program. And just what is this program? It is a huge database of information. Have you ever wondered how serial killers who move around are pinpointed? It's all in the communication. It's nationwide.

When crimes of violence are committed, VICAP analysts collect, collate, and analyze the information about crimes such as homicide, attempted homicide, missing persons, child abductions, sexual assaults, and unidentified deceased persons.

Why is this done? Glad you asked. That's a great question. They examine crime data and patterns to identify potential similarities among crimes, create investigative matrices which may lists findings, evidence, and sources of evidence. They develop timelines and identify homicide and sexual assault trends and patterns. VICAP contains crime scene descriptions, victim and offender descriptive data, including name and other personal identifying information, laboratory reports, criminal history records, court records, news media references, crime scene photographs, and statements. In summary, it is a wealth of information used to identify and match violent crime cases based upon things such as characteristics and modus operandi; information used to investigate, track and apprehend violent serial offenders.

Now, we, the general public can't just walk up and request to view this database. The information is shared with federal, state and local criminal law enforcement agencies investigating, tracking, and apprehending violent serial offenders.

If you're reading this, you must have an interest in serial killers. Hey, I think you would enjoy two series I have out now. The Marston Series and The Dawn Knight series. If you prefer to have your stories short, over a meal, then, Dawn Knight is the perfect lunch date. The Marston Series contains two novels with serial killers—Murder By The Book and The Confession. Each novel is a stand-alone story.

Saturday, August 17, 2019


  Dawn Knight is the new series of short stories that has joined Brigitta Moon Books. It's best enjoyed if you read from Single number one. 

Waiting is difficult, but in this game of murder, waiting is the name of the game. 

Susie has a humdrum life working in an airport coffee shop, but it doesn’t stop her from having big dreams. When the planes are grounded, life changes for her after she accepts a new job and a deal that puts her face to face with a serial killer. 

Who killed Shawn Davis? That’s the question Susie has to answer if she wants a better paycheck. The jury has convicted Ian Little, although there are better-looking suspects. 
Now, she has to gather the courage to get Ian Little, a convicted murderer, to tell her the truth about Shawn Davis, the one victim he refuses to take credit killing. 

The cat and mouse game begins.

If your vision of a good day is relaxing with a James Patterson novel, you’ll enjoy The Dawn Knight Series.

Book one of The Dawn Knight Series is free, so grab yours and let the murder games begin. 

From the Desk of Susie, Barista Extraordinaire 

Dreams never come true. When I was a little girl, my dream was to become a news anchor. Everyone would tune in to the six o'clock news report just to listen to what I had to say. I would wear smart-looking clothes and have my hair done up by a stylist, and flawless makeup applied by the hands of a makeup artist. Now, as I stand behind the counter dressed in my toffee colored tee shirt with a name tag alerting every customer that I am Susan, barista extraordinaire, I hear the words again; dreams never come true. 

Becoming Dawn Knight is the first short story in The Dawn Knight Series. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Word for Today - CODIS

Word for Today: CODIS

Have you ever wondered about CODIS? Just what does that acronym stand for? Combined DNA Index System. What's the point? Many states have laws that allow the collection of DNA from arrestees. The DNA profile gets added to the database. So, when a crime is committed, and law enforcement has DNA evidence, they can submit the unknown profile of the perpetrator to run against the known DNA profiles of arrestees and offenders. If they get a hit, they have a lead that can put them on track to catching a criminal.


 The first three novels of The Marston Series are now offered in an ebook box set. 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

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