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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Weekly Savings #50

Oh my. It's week number 50 already. The year has slipped right past me. Last I remember we were inside week 40 something. Let's see what's in our account.  Back in week 45 We added a total of $1,035 to our growing nest of money. Now in week number 50 we should have added $250 to our account. Here's the break down: Week 46-$46 + week 47-$47 + week 48-$48 + week 49-$49 +week 50-$50 We've just added a total of $240 to our growing nest with a previous balance of $1035 and now- $1,275.  It's looking good and at the end of the year- just two weeks away- an extra $1,378 will be much appreciated. Oops, lets back up. This year has 53 weeks. How awesome is that. Now our nest egg will have an extra week of deposit. Christmas! Yep! New Years party? What will you do with your $1,378? That's incorrect. This year with week 53 we will have a total nest egg of $1,4312. Have you decided what to do with that big chunk of dollars? Pay off a bill? Roll it over and pile on more cash for the next year? Invest in a stock? Take a vacation? Buy gifts? Just a little something to ponder again.

On a different note, I've finally decided to release the novel GUILTY by adding it to the KindleScout Program. This is the newest novel to join BMB Books. It is not published yet, but you can have access to the first 5,000 words at KindleScout. So surf on over to GUILTY and take a look around. If you like what you nominate me and do share with your shares. I appreciate every page view and every nomination.