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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What Would You Do ?

Marriages have secrets. Christine's Marriage has a secret that threatens to explode on Christmas day. Should she expose the secret herself or wait on pins and needles, hoping it will go away? Get the story at Amazon 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Just Where Should a Semicolon Be Used?


Here is another confusing part of writing in English. I have this sentence I'm working on; should the punctuation be a colon or a semicolon? Hmmm, a finger tapping my pursed lips, "I'm not sure." Well let's investigate beginning with the semicolon.

There are two basic uses for the semicolon. That's why I started here, short and sweet. First the semicolon can be used to separate two main clauses. Here is an example: People were flocking to buy Brigitta Moon's novel Mistake; no one wanted to miss the torrid affair between Beth and Andrew.

Secondly the semicolon can be used as if it were a comma separating clauses, lists of items, series, especially if one or more of the elements already includes a comma. Beth admired her family members who share many happy years of marriage; her mother and father, married thirty years; her cousin Cornflower and her husband Tommy, married three years.

The next post will tackle the colon. So check back or subscribe to this blog.

Formatting Your Book Cover For Createspace Using Photoshop

When I published my first book on Amazon it was quite easy to upload the book cover I wanted. Then I tried to replicate the book cover for my Createspace book. It was not the same. After ordering the proof book and seeing the cover in person, I opted not publish the physical book.

With my Trilogy book I used the cover creator offered by Createspace. It's not fancy or imaginative. It's a plain cover with fancy words. View the cover here. I actually like the cover although I preferred the cover I was unable to replicate. Now I have released a new book with a cover I have worked painstakingly hard on; even getting advice from other Goodreads authors on a cover choice. Here is the result of my first cover done in Photoshop,  TaDa. I was attempting to capture multiple moods, playful, sexy, love, serious and mystery. Now I'm satisfied; my physical book and Kindle book look exactly the same. There is one difference which is the page count, about 57 pages less in the Kindle conversion. But that is a conversation for another time.

 Perhaps this is an issue you are experiencing and that's why you are reading this blog post. I will share with you how I replicated my book cover to use for my Creatspace book.

Start here: Download the Createspace template and unzip it. Save it to your desktop for easy access.

Your cover must fit your book, so be sure to fill in the form with accurate information about the number of pages your book has. You will also need to know the size of the book you want to publish. I used the popular 6X9, cream pages. 

Step 2 Design Your Cover

Design your cover in a program such as Photoshop. Photoshop allows you to add multiple layers to crank out an awesome book cover. Before you save your final version of your cover you will need to turn off all the layers to be sure text and images  do not appear in the pink zones of the template. The barcode area should also be free of images and texts.

Step 3 Save Your Cover

Once all your layers are between the lines, turn all the layers on and save the file. Kindle accepts files in the form of JPEG, or .jpeg, TIFF, or .tif(f). Createspace accepts files in the form of PDF.

I am currently tapping out my next novel on my keyboard. When I begin on the cover, I intend to list the details of creating the cover in Photoshop step by step in detail. If you are interested in this step by step approach, send me an email or subscribe to the blog. Remember, this will be a few months in the future; I have to write the novel first.
Brigitta Moon

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Which Word?

I am willing to guess that at one time or another you have been in the midst of writing and had to stop, scratch your head or tap your finger on the table and ask yourself, which word? I have done this. Is it its or is it it's? Do I go farther or further? Did I lie or did I lay? The time has come to clear this up short and straightforward.

It's represents the contraction form of the verb it is. It's wonderful you are reading this, is the same as if you were to write, it is wonderful you are reading this.

Its on the other hand represents a possessive adjective, showing ownership. Its fur was all over my pants. In other words, the kitty's fur was all over my pants.

Lie refers to a position of reclining or rest. I lie on the bed. Whereas lay refers to placing something somewhere. She lay the flowers on the table. Oops, I made this mistake in a book; instead of using lie, I used lay.

Farther refers to distance. We traveled farther down the road. Easy to remember if you think of it as we traveled far down the road. Further refers to advancement. We will read further tonight in the book called MISTAKE written by Brigitta Moon.

Check back later or subscribe to the blog for more tips and interesting articles.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What Makes a Reader Want to Buy a Book

      I am constantly thinking about what I can do better to make my book more appealing to someone browsing for a good read. I read so many advice posts and books insisting the cover of a book matters. Next the first sentence matters. Jeff Gerke even talks about a recipe for success using a point system that will determine if your book will be the one selected.
      Today I walked unknowingly in the shoes of a reader looking for a good read. As I passed the books on the shelves, they were all saying, pick me, pick me. I looked at the book covers to see what the book was about. If the cover wasn't interesting I put it back. I didn't even flip to the back cover or look inside. I moved on.
      I recognized the author's name typed boldly and colorfully on the spine of a book. I had never read anything by him so I picked it up to see the cover. Very nice cover. I opened the book, A Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mystery. I liked it. I looked at a few pages and you won't believe what I thought; beautiful page. The font was crisp and neat.  The page was like a picture.
      I laughed at the first sentence. I read the entire prologue and laughed.  Now it's home with me waiting to be read. It made me think about all the advice on having a great cover and a smashing opening line. Today I was someone looking for a book to read. I had to stop and think, this is what it's all about, getting the reader to choose your book. And choose I did based on the cover and the first sentence and prologue. The book is Bloody Mary written by J.A. Konrath.
Brigitta Moon
Author of Mistake

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Shortening a Web Address

Have you written a post or a tweet and wanted to add in a web address? After you added in the web address it was just too long. It took away from the symmetry of your post or article or Twitter wouldn't post it because there were too many characters. Well, help is here. A while back I found a website called tiny url. This was a golden find. I was able to condense a long web address down to a few letters and symbols. Here is an example:

The link to my new book is

Wow, it doesn't look to appetizing in my post. You agree? Now here it is using the tiny url:

The link to my new book is

Simple and quick to use. Here is the address

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

GoodReads Book Giveaway

I enjoy these give aways. Although I was quite disappointed with my last give away when I stumbled upon the fact that at least three of the winners were not interested in reading the book I offered but only interested in the resale of it.

Today I have decided not to let that dampen my spirit. I am now offering my new book MISTAKE in a drawing for one autographed copy with the hope that this copy will find a home with a true reader who will enjoy the story of Beth, Andrew, Zara and Theron.

Enter to win your copy at the link below.


    Goodreads Book Giveaway


        MISTAKE by Brigitta Moon




          by Brigitta Moon


            Giveaway ends December 01, 2014.
            See the giveaway details
            at Goodreads.

      Enter to win

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Should an Author Participate in the Goodreads Book Giveway

I was quite excited about participating in my first book giveaway on goodreads. 
I was hoping by offering five books in a giveaway, it would give my book exposure and a review or two. Unfortunately, I see the reviews aren't coming. The winners I sent the books to are actually resellers. So far three of the books have been posted for resale as new on Amazon by BooKnackrh, brandnewgoodsus and super_star_seller. Too bad Goodreads can't or won't find a wat to weed this type of activity out. 

It cost me about $11per book per winner. They are reselling it for $11.24-12.84 on amazon, a book they received for free with no intention of reading but selling. I know the winners are not obligated to leave a review but it seems like the giveaway is a hunting ground for free books for resellers to obtain free merchandise they can sell as new to profit on. If the authors doesn't deliver the books, they are banned from participating in the program. The winners have nothing like this. I'm beginning to think the giveaway doesn't have real reader entries, just resellers. I know there is a way this problem can be handled. 

As for exposure, my book was added to 266 bookshelves. I guess that's exposure. I have to wonder whose shelves? Book sellers or readers? Out of over 500 entries I received the addresses of three winners who were resellers that I know of to send my books to. Perhaps the other two will turn out to be true readers who will enjoy the free book they won.  

Would I do it again? My next book is almost complete. I'm not sure if I will do it again. I enjoyed it and would love to do it again if my book was going to a true reader. Unfortunately there is no control over this. So, time will tell. One fact is sure, there will only be one book offered in a giveaway. So I can only feel robbed once instead of five times. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Avoiding Mistakes With Characters

So, there I was happily writing my new book entitled at present, Mistake (I am toying with the idea of a new title). Somewhere near the middle of the book I noticed friends Beth and Lil had switched boyfriends. What a mistake. I now had to endure the task of combing the book for where the switch occurred and fixing each instance. What an undertaking that was.

I have a way of saving myself time and heartache by preventing this going forward. First of all I have invested in a character notebook. I prefer this over sticky notes. My sticky notes were falling off their designated home and landing on the floor over time with use. With the notebook, I have designated a page for each character, including minor characters because you never know when they will make a surprise visit.

At the top of the page is my character's name. The page is graced with physical attributes as well as emotional attributes. I also include tone and traits of the character such as whether the character is   serious, playful, a pessimist, an optimist and so on. I also include family relationships an friendships between the characters. After-all, my readers would have been confused wondering how Beth was now involved with Richard and Lil with Andrew or was Beth involved with Richard and Andrew? Who was involved with who? Now you see, don't leave the reader confused with a mistake. By the way you can meet Beth, Lil, Andrew and Richard in my new book MISTAKE, coming soon.

Now when I need to refer to a trait or a physical attribute later in the story, it is at my fingertips.

Add you email for the date MISTKE is available. No spam.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Goodreads Book Giveaway, My Experience

I had the pleasure of offering my Trilogy book in a goodreads giveaway. As an author I was truly excited about the giveaway. I checked everyday to see how many people were entering to win my title. At the conclusion I was very pleased that 623 people entered and anxiously clicked the link to view the winners. I already had the books packaged and ready for the post office via Priority Mail. The only thing I needed was the names and addresses.

I clicked the link for the winners and at a glance I felt let down. I viewed each winner and felt even worse. Of five winners three were blatantly obvious to be the same person. She just joined goodreads August 2014. The first one who I will call ML joined Aug. 2014. She has read 0 books, currently reading 0 books and want to read 140 books. Her profile lists her as living in a different state from where I am to mail the book which is to be mailed to let's say 123 anywhere. She has no profile picture.

The second winner, we will call her JH. Her profile lists her as being from the same state as ML. I am also to mail her book to the same address 123 anywhere as ML. Her profile shows her reading 0 books, read 0 books, want to read 534 books. She also joined Aug., 2014. She has no profile picture.

The third winner, we will call her ME. She is also from the same city and state as the above two winners. Her book is also to be mailed to the same address123 anywhere as the other two. Her profile shows 0 read 0 reading and want to read 288. She also joined Aug., 2014. She has no profile picture.

I was so disappointed when I saw this. My hope was to send my book to five people who would read the book and hopefully post a review. It costs $10 per winner to send out a book. There is the author cost of the book and the shipping. I had not planned on what appears to me to be some type of scam and I am paying for it. I have read the observations of authors sending their books to winners only to notice them being posted for sale after they mail them out. 

The other two winners seem legit and I'm happy to be sending a book to each of them. The other three, I can't bring myself to mail anything to that address since I am obviously being scammed. If you deal in probabilities, I ask you, what is the probability of 623 people entering a contest and three people living at the same address winning? 
My goal was to send out advanced copies to the winners on the 11th and give them time to read and hopefully post reviews. The book was slated to be released September 1, 2014. In light of what has occurred,  I can see this will not happen. I was so disheartened by the outcome that I have decided to deviate from my original plan and release the book now. 

I enjoyed the process of the giveaway up to the point of the winners being chosen. I had plans to do a giveaway for my next book but I have learned something important with this experience. If goodreads allows me to participate in another giveaway, I will only offer one book. This way if the winner is a reseller, I have only spent $10 instead of $50 to get exposure for my book and I can feel at ease that I did not spend money to give someone a gift that he or she only wanted for free to resell for profit. 

Once again I ask If you deal in probabilities, I ask you, what is the probability of 623 people entering a contest and three people living at the same address winning?

Update: After emailing my suspicions to Goodreads, the three winners who appeared to be the same person were removed and was given three new winners. I have mailed books to all five winners. Now I will wait for the reviews my winners will hopefully leave.

HIM The Trilogy is now available from my author page.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Help Me Choose a Book Cover

I've been toying with covers for my new book expected out October 1,2014 . Please help me decide on one by leaving a comment picking cover 1, cover 2 ,cover 3. or cover 4. Thanks for helping.

Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

 Cover 4

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Book Blurb

      My next book is on the way. Take a look at this blurb. Would this blurb peak your interest in this book?
      Beth, a recent graduate from nursing school grew up with a father who was a minister and mother who supported his every decision. They have been happily married for thirty years. Her cousin Cornflower and her husband Tommy have been happily married for three years with a beautiful one year old daughter. Beth is about to embark on her first romantic relationship at the age of 22. Believing that romance and virginity is the requirement for a happy, longstanding marriage Beth guards her virginity.
      Beth's life is shattered when she comes to the conclusion that all men cheat. But she won't deal with it as her cousin did. She has another way to deal with her cheating man.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Describing a Character for Your Novel

     I will admit that in my novellas, The HIM Series, there was not much character description. This was intentional as the goal was to have characters that a reader could mold in their fantasy as they read. In the beginning the characters were fashioned to fit any age group. I experimented with this concept. I gave the book to a woman over 60, a young woman in her early 20s, A woman in her 40s and a man in his 50s. Each person enjoyed book one. Each person had the same comments:

  • I couldn't stop reading. I had to know what was going to happen next.
  • How long was this woman going to let herself go through this?
  •  He was something else.
  • I could almost smell his cologne.
      It seems that although minimal descriptions were given, the readers had developed their own fantasy of what attributes each character possessed. Surprisingly, the women loved HIM. The one man who read the book enjoyed it but was quite put off by the portrayal of HIM.
      I have decided for the next book that is already in the making to build the characters for the readers. To build a character there needs to be more than just a physical description. The character needs a personality, a background. The personality may stem from the background. Maybe the character is withdrawn, shy or aggressive because of an event in their past.
     The character may be a happy one or maybe optimistic or pessimistic. Maybe the character is playful, seductive, outgoing or overbearing, never satisfied. If each character is given a complete personality from appearance to social status to quirks to tone of voice, your reader will more than likely know who is speaking the dialogue or who did what without being given the characters name, just as you would know which one of your family members made a particular comment or performed a certain action.
     So pull out the post it, index card or notebook and write a detailed description for each character. Give your character a physical description, a background, a voice. Give your character their own personality for the part they will play in the story.
     If you are interested in experiencing the story of HIM, read it online here
Click the read book link. Enjoy.


    Goodreads Book Giveaway


        HIM The Trilogy by Brigitta Moon



          HIM The Trilogy

          by Brigitta Moon


            Giveaway ends August 10, 2014.
            See the giveaway details
            at Goodreads.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Self Published Authors

     Self publishing a book is a courageous step. A self published author wanting to share their writings with readers is why it's done. I have created this book club for readers to discover the works of self published authors and for these authors to put their books on the list so readers can find them.
     Link to this new group and enjoy and experience the stories of the self published author.

        Discover a Self Published Author    
    Discover a Self Published Author     1 member
    This group is for readers and authors. This group is for readers and authors to discover and embr...

Books we've read


            by Brigitta Moon
          Start date: July 27, 2014

            by Brigitta Moon
          Start date: July 27, 2014

View this group on Goodreads »

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Should Authors Review Their Own Books

     I was considering leaving a review of my own books as Goodreads tells the authors they can. I didn't feel really comfortable with it. It seemed like I would be touting my own horn. So, I decided to google the subject and was routed to a conversation on Goodreads. The conversation was insightful and boasted both sides of the question; should an author review their own books?
     Here is what I came away with:

  • Cons- The author rating his or her own book is offensive, tacky and unethical. The author is too close to the work and would not be able to rate it objectively, a biased opinion. The author's rating of his or her book may skew the ratings.
  • Pros- If the author rates his or her own books it shows that they not only wrote but read it. The review would show what the author thought of the book if he or she is being honest.

     It's really difficult to watch your book sit on the shelf without a rating. I was tempted to rate mine just to see a rating. I did intend to give an honest review but, now I wonder how honest it would be. From my point of view, I enjoy love stories with a little mystery and a touch of erotica, so my review would have been an honest one.
     I wrote the HIM Trilogy, but the time came when I had to review the entire book for mistakes to have a bound book for sale. I found it hard to review the book for mistakes as I kept getting drawn into the story and found myself reading the story instead of reviewing for mistakes. I have read this book a few times with the same result of being drawn into the story. I enjoyed it and would have given it a 5 star. If I had to rate them individually, I would have given book one 3 stars only because I think sentence structure could have been better.
     So, instead of posting my own review, I have decided to pass my advance copy on to a reader and let her review it on Goodreads. Here is my reasoning for the decision. Let's say I wanted to find a plastic surgeon to do an eyelift or a mini facelift to get back my youthful appearance. My face is quite important to me and I wouldn't trust just anyone coming at it with a knife. So, when I hunt up reviews on the plastic surgeon, his review doesn't count and doesn't matter to me.  All I want to know about him is what his patients thought of his work, bedside manner and final results of the surgeries.
     I believe that is what a reader wants to know, if other readers enjoyed the book and thought it worth the investment. So for now, I will wait patiently to see what rating readers place on my books.


    Goodreads Book Giveaway


        HIM The Trilogy by Brigitta Moon



          HIM The Trilogy

          by Brigitta Moon


            Giveaway ends August 10, 2014.
            See the giveaway details
            at Goodreads.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Preparing for Sleep Away Camp

     This is the second year my daughter and I have participated in the Girl Scout's sleep away camp. We learned from year one that to get into the activity you want, you have to be online waiting to register when registration opens. Equestrian camp is popular. So in January we were on the look out for the start of registration. The first day registration opened, we were in line on the internet waiting to register. Shouts of joy were uttered as we claimed our spot at the Horse Lovers Camp.
     Now, here is the kicker. This is our second year so, not only did we know what to take to camp, the Girl Scouts send information in the mail and in email format outlining everything. And today, our big day to head for camp, we were unprepared. I left the packing up to my daughter thinking I would double check everything the morning we were to leave. As luck would have it, she had misplaced things she needed that I had purchased last year. She was suppose to pack them away. So, they are packed away somewhere; we just can't find them.
     Before we could go to camp we made a WalMart stop to repurchase camp dishes so she would have something to put her food on. But WalMart was out of camping dishes. So we improvised with other hard plastic dishes. We repurchased a water bottle that the bugs couldn't get into. Her pillow left at home, we repurchased a pillow and pillow case. We didn't remove those huge D batteries from her lamp, so we bought more. They probably would have still been dead after a year anyway.
     She couldn't find the rain gear, so she packed a water repellant jacket. Thank goodness because it is pouring outside. So, with all that said, shop in advance when you get the list and when your camper comes home don't leave the putting away of the gear for next year to her. I was so happy she had the lamp. They are expensive.
     When your camper goes to camp, keep in mind there may or may not be a bathroom they are accustomed to. As my daughter told me, "No flushing toilets." There is no electricity in the cabins, hence the battery operated lamp.
     The next hurdle is the bugs. Be sure to send bug repellant and implore your camper to use it and reapply it during the day. My camper had it and used it once in the morning. She returned home with bites all over her legs and yes she still has the scars. The same advice to your camper for sunblock. Once a day is not enough.
     If you have a young one who will be staying at camp for a week or more here are some of the basics to start gathering:

  • Flashlight with batteries plus extra. (or a battery operated lamp)
  • two towels- one for the pool and one for the shower
  • Mesh bag for wet clothes
  • mess kit- unbreakable cup, bowel, plate, knife, fork and spoon
  • backpack to carry item around camp
  • sleeping bag and sheet or blanket
  • pillow
  • toiletries
  • hair ties
  • raincoat or poncho
  • sunhat
  • A book to read, no electronics allowed.
Well, we made it to camp an hour late after shopping in Big Lots with 20% off of everything, and low and behold we had not one book. We will be better prepared next year.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Journey of a Book

     Books have traveled a long way since I was in elementary school. Audiobooks were unheard of as being a way of enjoying a book. These types of books were available but were thought of as being for the blind.  Children had access to books accompanied by records and then tapes so they could follow along in their book as the reader read as a way of learning to read.
     Today audiobooks have become popular. When I travel for vacation in my car, because I avoid flying, audiobooks are entertaining. For a sixteen hour drive, I stock up with audiobooks for the kids during the day and audiobooks for adults at night. On one of our trips to Florida the kids enjoyed The Magic Treehouse series and A Series of Unfortunate events. I have to admit, I enjoyed the stories also.
     At one time I would get the print book and the audiobook so when I was in the car I could listen to the audiobook and pickup where I left off with the print book in the house. I have discovered that the audiobook is so much more entertaining. It is like seeing the movie in your thoughts and imagination as the reader reads. The reader takes on characteristics of the characters and bring them to life.
     One thing I have found to be disappointing is when a series reader is changed. After listening to a reader read a book, bring it life, capture the reader and then disappear is disheartening. It is difficult to adjust to  the new reader. Look at it this way; for the duration of a series of books, I have listened to the same voices. They become friends that I can't wait to meet in the next book. Then I am ambushed with new voices proclaiming to be the characters I know so well.  It is so hard to adjust because I know the voices and tones of my characters that I rush to listen to as soon as the new book is out. I live with them as I travel to work and vacations. When the reader is changed it's as if the characters have died. Sometimes I am able to accept the change. Janet Evanovitch switched her reader in the early part of her series so we had not formed a solid bond. I enjoyed the series all the way up to the 19th book, including the books she wrote in between up to the Husband List.
Just a note of fun- I receive emails updating me about news for Janet Evanovitch. Her Book the Husband List had me in hot water. When the then love of my life saw the email proclaiming the Husband List was available, he actually confronted me. When I saw it was from Janet, I burst into laughter. He still didn't think it was funny. Hmmmm, I guess he should not have been reading my emails.
     With that said, I have enjoyed James Patterson's Alex Cross for some years now. I have been through so much with Alex, the murder of his first wife, the marriage to his second, almost loosing Nana, the death of his foster daughter, all of his injuries, attacks on his family and sleepless nights. I have watched his children grow up. They each have their own voice and tones displaying happiness, sadness and disappointment that I have become accustomed to over the years. I think to myself, I pray, I cross my fingers, when the new book comes out, please be Alex and not someone different. Sad, isn't it? I know, I know, you're saying, "Get a life girl."
     In answer, I have many lives and adventures in all the books I listen to, read and yes write.

Enter to Win One of Five Books - HIM The Trilogy

    Goodreads Book Giveaway    
   Enter to win

        HIM The Trilogy by Brigitta Moon

          HIM The Trilogy
          by Brigitta Moon

          Giveaway ends August 10, 2014.    
          See the giveaway details
          at Goodreads.
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Five Years Without Michael Jackson

     June 29, 2009. Do you remember what you were doing when you received the news that Michael Jackson (MJ) was dead? I don't know why but I made a website to commemorate my memory of  Michael. Each time the page loads and the music starts I feel so uplifted.  Click the link to experience the page

     Here are the words I wrote on the page that awful day:

The ShockJune 25,2009 is a date the world will always remember. You probably remember what you were doing when the news of Michael Jackson's death reached your ears. The thoughts of, is this really true? I was sitting at my computer with the TV on the TV Guide Channel as usual to limit the silence in the house. I heard the announcement, "Michael Jackson has been taken to the hospital". I really didn't think anything of it. He would be okay. Right? He always was. Those were my thoughts. Then my daughter sent me a text, "Is Michael Jackson dead? I replied instantly,  "Of coarse not. He was just taken to the hospital. He is fine". As soon as I sent that text I felt a sadness come over me. Suppose he is dead? I went straight to Google. Typed in Is Michael Jackson dead? The reply was affirmative. Shocked, numb and tears in my eyes I sent the text to my daughter, "yes, he is gone".  Wach as the world discovers MJ is gone.

The Denial

The world still numb and in disbelief about MJ's death went into a state of denial. Many of us sat glued to the TV just waiting to hear this was a hoax. Others who could, went to the hospital to await news. Out of denial grew stories of sightings of MJ and fictional stories
about MJ planning his fake death. There were theories that MJ wasn't dead, his body double was dead. This was supposed to be his ticket to freedom. Let's analyze this theory. I was shocked that I even considered this until giving it deeper thought. To pull off a stunt like that there would have to be so many people involved including the family followed by the police, coroner, hospital, etc. I knew there was no way this could be remotely true after
hearing and seeing his daughter Paris at the funeral. There is no way MJ would hurt his children so deeply while he lived anonymously in another country. MJ has been in the spotlight his entire life. Do you think he could live without it? This was a way of life for him.  Anyway, no matter where MJ went there is no disguise that would mask him.  Watch here as the crowd gather otside the hospital

The Anger

Now that the world is coming to terms with MJ's death, who is to blame. Outraged about the autopsy findings, Dr. Murray, MJ's private physician is investigated. This was an avoidable loss. How did this happen? Did Dr. Murry leave MJ unattended while he was receiving Diprivan?  

Heading Toward Acce
Next the world look to the funeral day for MJ. It is time to say goodbye. Millions attempt to get one of the 17,500 tickets to the Staple Center. How surprised were you when the Golden Casket made its appearance on the stage of the Staple Center?  How many of you felt the eerie need to see MJ just one more time? Seems like such a gruesome thought. But, Lincoln was displayed for two weeks. MJ has been in our lives for a lifetime. He is so missed. The airwaves are filled with his music. The networks carry any news about MJ as it happens. I felt so sad for a long time. Too bad this outpouring of love of MJ and his music weren't displayed during MJ's lifetime. How many of you thought we had said goodbye to MJ at the Staple Center? Not so. The saga began. Why wasn't MJ laid to rest for so long? Was it fear of his body being stolen? Or was it the family not being able to let go. After all, his death was sudden. He was the youngest. Did it take the Jacksons that long to accept the loss and finally be able to say goodbye to our Icon? Finally, on September 4, 2009, we say goodbye to MJ at Forrest Lawn Mausoleum in California.                                                                  

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Dance of Foreplay

This post is an excerpt from a book I'm currently working on. Your help is needed. After reading this passage, would you read on? Does it capture your interest? Do you want to know more about Theron and Zara? Please leave a comment below the post. Follow by email for book give aways and updates.

The expansive room was romantically dim with only hints of light spewing from the candles dressing the walls. Classical music hummed in the air. Dancing feet lightly tapped at the Maple floor. Theron’s eyes beheld a young divine woman from across the room.  Golden hughes flickered over Creamy skin with wisps of softly flowing chestnut curls drizzling around her oval face flowing to her bare shoulders.  Her eyes saw only the table which was shared with no one but herself. Theron’s gaze held her alluring beauty  in secret as he studied her and admired her as a piece of fine art. Her face rose and her brown eyes circled in gold looked past Theron and her ruby pouty lips beckoned to him. He longed to touch them with his; to finger them and feel her tongue devour each of his finger tips. He looked closer and thought he saw one lone tear slide from her eye, down her cheek and melt into the cloth adorning the table.
    Theron’s heart ached for her. Why was such a magnificent specimen of a woman shedding tears at such a romantic place. Her sadness enticed him, called to him.
    Theron could watch no more as another tear slid from his desires  golden eye and disappeared down her cheek. His feet carried him to stand in her eye’s sight.
    “Tears have no place on the face of such an angelic creation,” Theron said to the young woman. “My name is Theron,” he said reaching for her hand.
    The golden eyes lifted to descry a man much older than herself but definitely attractive. Her consciousness rose as she surveilled the broad shoulders dressed in a black suit. She eyed the white shirt opened enough to tease her with the view of a few stands of black straight hair.
    Her hand affectionately met Theron’s as she peered into a pair of intense jade hooded eyes.
    “My name is Zara,” She said lightly as Theron pressed his lips to her hand.
    “I’m Theron and it would give me the greatest pleasure to have such a beautiful woman dance with me.”
    Theron released her hand, walked behind her and slid her chair out. He returned to face Zara, took her hand and eased her from the space she occupied alone in silent agony. Theron placed his left hand tenderly around her waist while his right hand embraced her left holding it near his cheek. He drew her in close and and stepped quietly to the music humming in the air.
    Zara’s elegant crystal embellished peep toe pumps followed step with Theron’s black patent leather wingtip oxfords. No words were spoken between them. They just held each other’s eyes and danced the seductive dance of foreplay. Theron swept Zara across the mahogany floor through the elegant glass doors into the night lit by the smiling moon and twinkling stars and danced to the music of night crickets.

    He folded her into his embrace as his senses were pleasured with the warm, intoxicating sensual redolence  of her essence. Theron curved Zara’s back as he entwined her in a salsa dip, pressed his lips against her cleavage and lightly slid his tongue smoothly up her chest, her neck, her chin to her mouth; tasting her lips.

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Characters Write Their Own Story

     I would like to share a writing experience with my readers. I spent a year writing the third book in the HIM series, The Diamond Couple. I would write a few chapters and then leave my characters for a few months. I have spent a lot of time with Damon and Sharla over this past year. So, when you hear an author say you have to like your characters because you will spend a lot of time with them, believe it. I planned my book from beginning to end. I would sit at the computer to write by the script only to find the characters writing a different script. Many scenes I planned were deleted and others were added by those frisky characters. They had minds of their own. No matter how I tried to control them, it didn't pan out the way I saw it.The most outrageous thing to me was how the characters rewrote my ending, shocking me. The story did not end by the script. It ended with the characters choosing their path and taking it.
     I admit I am a new writer to Amazon, publishing my first book in April of 2013. Now four books in total, I see why authors say write, write, write. Over time my writing has improved. I can see where my characters have grown along with their story.
     What did I learn from this? Basically, no need to write out a whole book plan; just a plot or even just an idea with at least one character. The story will grow. The characters will grow. Before The Diamond Couple was finished my mind latched onto a character for another story. I even have a general idea what the story will be about, but I have no beginning to end plan. I don't even have a title, but the story will come alive on the screen of my computer. As a treat here is a glimpse of the character who wants a life on the pages of a book. There are blanks for her makeup colors because she hasn't picked her shades yet.

Seraphina slumped against the tin partition in the restroom stall, head limp, eyes staring blankly at the floor. Her backpack slid off her shoulder, down her arm, hitting the tiled floor with a thud, awakening her from her trance. She quickly tugged it back to the safety of her grip, hugging it tightly to her chest. She had made it; back to DC.
    The space was tight but she would make it work to do what she needed to prepare. The wait had been long. Now here it was; the answer to her prayers.
     Removing her baseball cap, she shook out her wavy black hair, combed her fingers through it and fanned it back. She hung her rumpled jacket on the hook followed by her backpack. Metal screeched as the zipper of the backpack was released. Out came a delicately pleated black dress, sheer stockings and black leather one inch slingbacks. In went comfortable jeans, a football jersey, a pair of socks and tennis. The metal screeched to a close.
     She stilled herself listening for sounds of commuters. No splashing sounds, no flushing sounds, no chatter, only stillness. She emerged to the mirror opening the front pocket of the backpack producing a compact. In the mirror the narrow, sagging face of a young girl of 18 speckled with freckles, no glimmer in her eyes, no color in her cheeks peered back. She bit on her thin chapped lips, disheartened. She pressed her eyelids shut and took in a deep breath to clear her thoughts.
     It was all behind her now and her future was promising, so why the look of despair? Her hands began to work. Black mascara lengthened and thickened her lashes, black eyeliner lined her lower lids, desert gold and peach blossom shadowed her lids. _________ gloss shined her lips while _________ colored her cheeks. Her hands finished with bronzer for a sun kissed appeal.
     Now in the mirror a young woman of 18, divine, classy stared back. Commuters piled in forming lines. Seraphina waited in the back of the line for her moment. She lost herself in a group as they made their way out. Sunlight warmed her skin and impeded her vision. A pair of sunglasses went from her backpack to her eyes. Gracefully walking with all the refinement of a young beautiful heiress, she stepped to the curb and entered a cab.
    “Where to mam?”

The Diamond Couple can be previewed on Amazon. It is available as a free download June 17th and 18th beginning 12mn Pacific time. Click the link to Amazon to get The Diamond Couple by Brigitta Moon

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Don't Wait To Find Out On Facebook

       A friend whom you haven't had contact with in 14 years sends an email asking for a call. You call, and there is a plea on the other end asking for a visit and the dreaded words I'm sick. Because you have been out of touch for so many years, do you take your time going? Do you take the plea lightly because he or she will be there when you get there. 
      Your friend hasn't called back in months to ask if you're coming. So what do you do? Check the Facebook page and see what your friend is up to. Your friend has been called home. Words of mourning grace the pages of Facebook.
     Now you can never see your friend or talk to your friend. You were called with a plea for a visit from a voice in the past. Heed it; go visit now. You may never have another chance to say goodbye. Rest in peace my friend.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summer Tip for Corn on the Cob

     Summer is the season for corn on the cob. Here is the easiest and quickest way to cook your corn on the cob. Place the corn still in the husk on a microwave safe plate; no need to remove the husk or silk. Cook the corn in the microwave for four to five minutes. After removing the corn from the microwave cut off the shank. Next push the corn through the end which has been cut off the shank portion. This may take some patience but, once you get it started, the corn slides out easily. Lastly, enjoy your corn on the cob.

Friday, May 30, 2014

No Envelope Needed

     A young man is about to graduate from high school. Over the past year he has been working at an internship; going to school half a day and the internship the other half. The last day for his intern ship was close. His mother happened across a Thank You Card displayed on the top of his notebook.
     "This is a really nice card son. Who is it for?" she remarked to him.
     "It's for Mr. Jones, my internship mentor," the son replied.
     "Where is your envelope?" the mother asked.
     "I did't purchase one," the son responded.
     "Son, the envelope is included with the card," the mother replied.
     "Oh, I didn't know," was his response.
     "I have extras somewhere. I will get you one that fits your card," the mom offered.
     "I don't need an envelope. That's why I didn't get one," he responded.
     "You do need an envelope. You can't hand him a card that's not in an envelope," the mom informed her son.
     "But mom, when you hand someone a card, they know a card is inside. They take it out of the envelope, read the card and throw the envelope away. So now when I hand it to Mr. Jones he will see the card right away. So, why do I need an envelope?"


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Day of Surgery

The day of surgery usually begins at 12 midnight. You will be asked not to eat or drink anything after midnight. Your stomach will need to be empty for at least eight hours prior to surgery. This means nothing should pass your lips. No gum, hard candies or smoking. You may brush your teeth but don't swallow the water.  This is to avoid your stomach from producing increasesd gastric juice for the digestion of food that is not coming. It is also an attempt to ward off postop nausea and aspiration (ingestion of emesis into the lungs). You should take certain medications with as little water as possible to get the pills down. Especially of note are blood pressure medications as long as it does not induce diuresis (an increase of urine production)and seizure control medications. You will need to find out from your doctor how to manage your Insulin or Diabetic pills. If your surgery will be late in the day you may be told to have a light breakfast eight hours before your procedure. All these points will need to  be discussed with your doctor.

Many people are now marking their own surgical sites prior to arrival to the surgical area to prevent surgery on the wrong limb, eye or site. To prevent wrong surgery site medical facilities have instituted controls against this, namely the time out.  Prior to making any incisions the surgical team will stop everything and verify identity of the patient, surgery to be done and surgical site as well as surgical side, right or left. Prior to surgery the doctor may have verified site with the patient and placed a mark on it.

Once you arrive at the surgery center you will be registered and asked to fill out a medication reconciliation form. This will ask for the names, form and doses of all medications as well as any allergies. You will have a band placed on your arm with your identifying information on it. Anytime an employee approaches you to perform any produres, give any medications, etc. he or she should verify your identity to be sure you are the correct person to receive the procedure, medication, etc. You may also be given an additional armband if you have allergies.

Once you enter the preop area you will be asked to remove your clothing and don a hospital gown. You will be asked to remove any removable false teeth, jewelry, and hairpins. You should keep glasses, contact and hearing aids in place until you have signed all consents. These things should then be removed and will be give back promptly after surgery as soon as appropriate.

Now you will be asked many questions in usually mutiple interviews to be sure it is safe to proceed. You will speak to the preop nurse who will be interested in how you prepared for surgery, last time you ate or drank, medications taken and allergies. Be prepared. You will be asked  these questions many times over. Everyone wants to know, the preop nurse, the operating rooom nurse, the anestesiologist and the surgeon. This is for the safety of the patient. After the preop nurse interviews you she will insert an IV catheter if indicated for administration of fluids and medications. 

You will speak with the Surgeon who will verify the procedure with you, give information about the procedure-benefits and risks as well as answer all questions you may have. The surgeon will then have you sign a consent for the procedure with the presense of  a witness. The surgeon will also mark the surgical site.

You will speak with the Anesthesiologist. This will be a doctor or a nurse. You will be asked a lot of the same questions. A mini physical will be done to evaluate your airway, lungs, heart, blood pressure and diabetic issues to name a few.  You will be given information about what type of anesthesia is planned, benits and risks. All your questions will be answered. You will be asked to sign a consent for administration of the anesthesia.

The operating room nurse will also  come out and make an introduction. You will be again asked about allergies and to verify your identity and surgical procedure and site.

It's almost time to enter the operating suite so you will now need to remove your glasses or contacts. Your doctor may want you to keep the hearing aid a while longer if you have a tremendous hearing deficit without it.

The anesthesia person and nurse will now escort you to the operating suite either by stretcher or walking. See you after your surgery.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

From Cartoons to Shot in The Head

     The writing project assigned by the seventh grade health teacher was for the students to focus on safety and write a short story. I read the story written by 13 year old Ari and  had to wonder what our society has come to when a child does not even feel safe on a playground? The fear was not even being physically beat up by other children, but gunned down. Read her story below and voice your comment. By the way she told me there were copyright infringements I was violating and permissions I needed to get to print her story.

         Wooh Wooh Die

     One afternoon Christopher was at the park with his friend Riley.Christopher and Riley were at the park on the swings for hours and hours until suddenly, you could hear three gunshots being fired. As people were fleeing the park, Christopher fell backward off the swing. Riley looked over and started screaming at the sight of her best friend with two holes in his shirt and one on his temple.
     Riley was so scared, that she thought she was going to get shot, but she had to help her friend. She stopped screaming and called 911, not wanting to look at her best friend. Riley thought for sure that Christopher was dead, but she still had to help. After she called for help, she took off her jacket and wrapped it around Christopher's stomach and held it tightly. Then she screamed as she had to rip off a piece of her jacket to apply pressure to the side of Christopher's head. She felt so sick. She tried to stop herself from throwing up and failed, crawling away as the liquids shot out of her mouth. Riley kept crying and crying, knowing she was going to loose her best friend.
     Riley remembered that the lady who picked up the phone from emergency services told her to check her friend's pulse and see if he was breathing. As Riley checked to see if Christopher was breathing.  She was so surprised that he was actually breathing. Christopher was barely breathing and his pulse was very slow. Riley quickly jumped at the sight of police cars and ambulances, she began screaming and crying even more.
     It seemed as if days went by as Riley sat in the hospital waiting room, hoping for the best. She refused to call anyone, not even Christopher's parents. She knew that they would already know. After what seemed like three days, although it was only about eleven hours, a doctor came out and called for the family of Christopher Williams. She ran to the doctor bombarding him with questions as the doctor told her, "We couldn't save him. Christopher is dead." Riley had never been so upset as she fell on the hospital floor in shock and sadness, knowing that her best friend was dead.

The End
By: Ari M.