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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Did He Just Get Away With Murder?



This word search is a short story written by Brigitta Moon and is included in the BMB

Books Word Puzzle collection. Each word that appears in capitals below is contained inside the puzzle letter group. Words can be found in a straight line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. They can be read forward or backward. Did he get away with murder?


Mr. Herlock Amadan is in PARIS for a ROMANTIC celebration with his wife. Twenty years of MARRIAGE. She has been the best wife—raising the kids, keeping the house, and keeping her husband. His shirts and pants were always pressed with a crease that even the dry cleaner envied. Breakfast was hot and on the table every morning before she kissed her man and sent him off to work on Capitol Hill. Now, the kids are grown and Mrs. Amadan has some gray strands in her neat hairdo. CELLULITE and belly fat are CREEPING up on the happy couple. But Mr. Amadan doesn't care about the aging changes his wife is EXPERIENCING. So, for their twentieth ANNIVERSARY, he books a lovely trip to Paris. His wife is ECSTATIC. She tells everyone about her wonderful DEVOTED husband. Mr. Amadan is today's talk on the Hill. What a wonderful husband he is— is what they are all saying. He has even GARNERED a COVETED time slot on the news. He sweeps his twenty-year bride off her feet and onto a plane for a romantic twentieth HONEYMOON. He wines and dines her like a queen. On the third evening, he has a surprise for his lovely wife. She is off to take a shower to ready herself for whatever he has planned. He kisses her cheek, telling her he will return soon. He has to add the final touch to their CELEBRATION. Twenty minutes later he leaves the suite, greets the DOORMAN on the way. But he is so happy, he turns back to the doorman and announces that it is his anniversary. He is off to get his wife the biggest diamond he can find. The one he finds is CAPTIVATING—it has all four Cs—color, cut, clarity, and carats. The woman is a KNOCKOUT: gleaming red hair and girlish freckles sprinkled across the bridge of her nose, perky breasts, toned thighs, and she has the giggles. He slips the ring on the finger that could be that of a hand model. An hour of passionate lovemaking with the hand model has made Mr. Amadan feel twenty again. He returns to the hotel, BRANDISHES the less than "biggest diamond he can find" at the doorman. The lowly paid employee smiles, showing all his teeth. To him, it looks as if it is worth a million dollars. Mr. Amadan returns to his suite. He walks through looking for his wife. The shower is running. He can hear the water. He peers in. Mrs. Amadan is DEAD, apparently slipped in the shower and hit her head. Mr. Amadan smiles as he lifts the receiver to call for help. He doesn't have a worry in the world. The Doorman will REMEMBER him.

The Answers

Thursday, May 28, 2020

UK Free Audible Audiobook Codes


Bonus for Audiobook Lovers!
I have added Free codes for each audiobook. 
Each code can only be used once and only for the UK
I'll update the list each time Audible notifies me that the codes have been claimed. 

A. GUILTY - Book One of The Marston Series - Fiction. Thriller. 

Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link  

Codes Updated as of 07/29/2022                     
11. Q442SSGSS44UQ


Don't forget to click the review stars when you reach the end.

B. Becoming Dawn Knight - Book One of The Dawn Knight Short Story Series

 Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link 
New codes as of 07/29/2022 

1. 2EN2P2PK6DWWM               11. DY2MKRNNLJNNW            
2. 4W7ZMZKCX9XCK              12. EQKKPGNFU6GPG             
3. 7FD9AJLPCZCSQ                  13. FE22JQ9Y9CP4X                  
4. 7HEX64RTWA3XC                  14. Y357UEJ6LN54G
5. 8WYL276ZDPN4C                   15. HPFGSW8FMDTSC              
6. A8R4BAUK4FR6G                   16. ST8U75ST88WDU
7. AUYH67GUEL85G                   17. KH8WRU7AGQDMN
8. BB8A2TUEQYC3X                   18. L64HNUT29HYBX
9. BQND3N3SJ6QMW                  19. LL6BH9YBETDK3
10. DUWFG6J6SE7KP                  20. UPTU49MXLRX46

Don't forget to click the review stars when you reach the end.

B. The Killer Inside Me - Book Two of The Dawn Knight Short Story Series
Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link 

Codes Updated as of 07/29/2022

1. 4T4MKT323545M                 10. 
2. 5Z4ZRN3R5WGMW            11. W9KMDN2GS8P22             
3. BRLGMF8JUA297                12. WE4XPW7U83B6A              
E45R95YM64T2X                13. WK5BE7ZTSKS9Q              
5.  F5R7XWSWNQMUA          14. WPHAQLEZQZ9AH                   
6.  GKCW9CRHZBFET           15.XFMF98J2HL76E              
7.  PSY9PZMARERF7                    
8.  QYR8DPPJPHTWL                                       
Don't forget to click the review stars when you reach the end.
DA SECRET LOVE - ROMANTIC SUSPENSE. SHORT STORY. Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link 

Codes as of 07/29/2022

1. 42AZ984ALKDPF                         11. HYAXG6ESJX588           
2. 6D324ZK4R2QAL                         12. LNAJ9667TFAWB            
3. 8HZWQT7LC7238                        13. P79ANSKP778F5           
4. 8WA24UE286AKP                         14. QFT9UCSJQZDEX        
5. AME6N6N8ZEA82                        15. QB9GUKKFSHA9B        
6. BYU8DQMARLEXJ                     16. RCS7X7A83XR4S
7. DL6HYUUTKB776                        17. 54WZPQJNWDLU8
8. EMZYYHHNCCKND                   18. ZPF4RCGXPR67R
9. GKT36ZYSZGXLY                      
10. GNRXHR74G7XYE                

Don't forget to click the review stars when you reach the end.

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FREE Audible AudioBooks

Bonus for Audiobook Lovers! 

I have added Free codes for each audiobook. Each code can only be used once and is only valid for the USA
UK click here. I'll update the list each time Audible notifies me that the codes have been claimed.

Book one of the Dawn Knight Series is Free as an ebook.

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New codes as of 12/05/2022 

1. XETKCXK7ERJF4                                                                      
2. BAR74LETN2KPE          
17. KGW34JJSXPXAY      
12. D958N359AZQAQ            
13. M73EC7KE7HQRL               

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B. The Killer Inside Me - Book Two of The Dawn Knight Short Story Series
The above link will take you to the ebook series so you can take a look.

Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link 

Codes Updated as of 12/05/2022
4. Z327SE7429F66
5. 5RWWGZ5C57Z67
6. 7C859Z6J2PFSL
7. 9975X6F6KWTBK

Don't forget to click the review stars when you reach the end.

The above link will take you to the ebook series so you can take a look.

 Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link 

Codes Updated as of 12/22/2022

1. 8CLZ4XT7NE83C             11. 9EZ2L94Y4SRC6   
2. CYG77AFB8CAWP           12. 9S2HSNRFYYR3E              
3. FUSG7SJA5GZ2Z             13.  A32DWQ4MWRSA4            
4. GX94RHH2B7UYU           14. BFER6P6BN3TGC                
5. KL86GU89GLAJQ            15. C9FBWG9MX7673                 
7. 236BBRGUE3E6F              17. E32YLMJ7TSKTM
8. 6ZRMG7CR7Q6L9            18. ERRYA63CDYJQM
9. 7LZCTQQR4GQJ9            19. F5MQPG2A3K3SY
10. 8FCTRHDA2ASK5          20. FBL5F77F23ULR                
Don't forget to click the review stars when you reach the end.

DA Secret Love - Romantic Suspense. Short Story. 

The above link will take you to the ebook series so you can take a look.

Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link 

Codes as of 12/05/2022

1.CYP7Z3DQN4JCS                           22. HRXR879F8UFL6
2. 5RF6NH5FUQGZ3                          23. LFRLRGDSELFKE
3. PRU8QHQYDQMCJ                       24. MZMEMURK3H9BA
4. RD4QQGYWYPCCC                      25. NA9EPDQXD73BN
5. S73G9YUAFQN4E                          26. QP58A3FXJSLBJ
6. 4AT5EBLBJPA4W                          27. RUQRHTSZ8CWCX
7. U7HZL9XZPNYHF                         
8. 3AXHMDTGZWFST                        
9. 5ZEDS7H6S7KDF                           
10. 45WZP4PBLA6PW                        
11. 7UHW4247DAD8L                            
12. 9PZXFJMKS9MKP                        
13. AGFW27LX6P45Z                            
14. BXC3QW7UA75QW                       
19. U55XT4LJPUYU2 

Don't forget to click the review stars when you reach the end.

FREE eBooks

1. Becoming Dawn Knight eBook - The making of a serial killer. Fiction.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Working on the Frontline - COVID 19: New York

Have you wondered about the workers on the frontline? How do they feel meeting the coronavirus
head-on? My original reason for writing this document was to keep track of my experience. Kathleen Harryman, her words meant a lot and went a long way to sealing my decision to publish. So, come,
walk a mile in my shoes. 
Eventually, it became a means for me to express and interpret my feelings in black and white. I considered sharing and then I changed my mind. I had stopped documenting my experience. I had decided against publishing this journal because I felt it stripped my feelings and deepest and darkest thoughts bare, but when I read a tweet from a fellow author,

This book is an expression of my feelings and thoughts and in no way reflects the experiences or feelings of other frontline workers.

Get Your Free Book Now!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Best Books in a Series to Read for 2020

I have been reading books by Indie Authors and finding many entertaining stories. Here are a few series you may not have come across yet. Visit the pages to discover new authors who may become your favorites as they have become mine.

1. Blake Pierce Mystery Bundle

2. Steven Arnette Stand-alone novels

3.  J. G. Macleod Historical Series

4. C. S. McDonald Fiona Quinn Cozy Mystery Series

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Disjointed Tales by Ken Fry - A Book Review

Disjointed Tales: Short Stories of the Weird and the Macabre by [Fry, Ken]This is a book of six short stories. I absolutely enjoy short stories. These by Ken Fry did not disappoint me at all. I loved that I could start one of the stories during a short break and finish it—completely satisfied. I went into this book blind, thinking I would guess the outcome. I finished the first story with my mouth hanging open at how far off base I was. By the second story, I had this author Ken Fry's MO down. I knew I would guess the ending—until it arrived. I was left blinking with a chuckle reverberating in my chest. By the third, I decided to just lay back and let Mr. Fry tell me a story. I enjoyed each tale and recommend this collection, especially if you are short on time and you need a compact entertaining story told by a clever author. 

Monday, March 2, 2020

Books to Read With Something Extra - The Twist

Have you ever been reading a mystery or thriller or even watching a movie, and knew you had it all
figured out, and just as quickly as the light dies with the flip of a switch, everything you believed would happen had turned 360 degrees? The plot twist. You gotta love'em. Why? Not only do they catch you off guard, but the twist gives you something to snack on long after the story is over. The best plot twists are unexpected. They are especially satisfying when they come near the end of the story. Do you agree?

Let me introduce you to a series that has surprised readers since book one - GUILTY. The Marston Series has five books presently. The endings are never what the reader expects. One reader left a review saying, "I loved all the twists and turns." Did the book leave readers with something to chew on when the story was over? Another reader says, "This is a great book about justice, but it's a lot more than that."

Coach Jackson was well-respected and loved by the community. Hell, they all trusted him. Here's the thing. His popularity in the community held like glue even when Rose, a high school cheerleader, pointed the finger at him as her attacker. He spent his days coaching his team and flashing his pearly whites while Rose grappled to pull her life back together. Not only was he the football coach and she was a cheerleader for the team, his son, Jonas was also her boyfriend. 

You can listen to GUILTY free via Audible. Just pick a free code, copy it, and paste the code into the Audible link. Get the codes here. When you get there, a surprise ending is waiting for you—three other audiobooks you can have free. If the codes run out before I post new ones, just send me a message. 

By the way: if you enjoy being all twisted up at the end of a book, check out The Marston Series and the Romantic Suspense novels: Her Cheating Man, A Secret Love, Ashes of Old Lovers

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Seedfolks - A Book Review

The title caught my eye first. Next, the cover drew my attention. Once I started reading, I knew this book offered more than a way to pass the time. I love short stories because sometimes I get so busy I have read in small bites. This book is like a collection of very short stories that are connected by the garden. Each story is told by a character, an immigrant, in their distinctive voice. I particularly enjoyed Sae Young. As I read, I could hear her speaking in the familiar broken English that I have heard many times, sometimes daily. Another aspect I enjoyed in this book is how it addressed the issues which we deal with today like immigration, racial profiling, and segregation. The author nor the characters never say this is what is happening. It is described as unintimidating as the weather. You know it is happening, and you understand it from the character's point of view. The character's story doesn't end. It's like a conversation. Each person tells their story and simply move to the background while the next person picks up the conversation. I know this book is written for children, but I enjoyed it. I often enjoy a good children's story, probably because I have read so many to and with my children; the ones that offer wisdom as well as entertainment. One is never too old to learn something new. 😃

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Review of The Gravel Road by Patrick Brown

After reading The Gravel Road by Patrick Brown, I felt compelled to share my experience with the story.

This is a beautifully written story. When I read the first sentence, I knew I had to read this story. The strange thing is, I can't explain why. Each page drew me farther into the story, and I became more invested in the characters as well as their plights. The characters were written so well that I could envision them as real people. Throughout the novel, there are these little mysteries that teeter on the edge of the story. I confess that although I had one of the mysteries figured out quite early because of my profession, it took nothing away from how much the story captivated me. Although my eyes filled with tears during the last few chapters, the author gave me a reason to smile at the end. Life happens. To be able to share a story like this in a way that evokes such a wide range of emotions from a reader is a gift. The funny thing is, I have been seeing this book on Twitter for months, maybe longer. Last night I clicked and read the first sentence of the sample and downloaded the book. I thank the author for sharing Clark, Ernie, Rachel, and even Abigal. I don't know if one can consider the El Camino, Jack Daniels, and two shot glasses as characters, but they helped to make this unforgettable story. Definitely five stars, teardrops, and smiles.

Have you read The Marston Series? No? Take a look now!