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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Bat Update

        It's been almost two weeks since having the bat men over to handle our situation. Surprisingly we didn't need any one-way doors. The bats were not entering through our house or exiting to the outside from our house. This is not one of the joys of a townhome; you share your neighbor's problems. In the attic unbeknown to us was an open connection in the wall between the homes. The bats entered through the roof of the neighbor's home and migrated to our attic. So, they, in fact, were hanging around in two homes rent-free.
      The opening was filled in. I am happy to report our bat problem seems to be behind us. Our uninvited guests who just hung around have been evicted. Our next hurdle is cleaning the attic. All the insulation needs to be removed and replaced. Essentially the attic needs to be sterilized. We have been quoted a price of no less than $1000. The price depends on the square footage of the attic.      So, before you hire your bat person, be 100% sure of what services the price includes. Don't rush into anything. Get quotes to compare. If you can be patient, you can get it done for free. Check your state's site for a list of companies. Hopefully, my long nightmare will shorten yours.

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