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Monday, December 28, 2015

The View Has Two Faces

You pass all the same people on your way up as you passed on your way down, so goes the old saying. I don't know why this thought presented itself to me as I was working on collecting steps on my Samsung S Health App. It kind of just jumped out at me on North Old Lake Wilson Road as I was making the return trip to my resort. As I walked quickly south I enjoyed the views. I passed Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club, Festiva Orlando Resort and an abandoned resort that was weather beaten and falling down with age. I also passed lots of undeveloped land rich with trees.
          When I reach the designated turn around, I made a U and ambled north, retracing my foot steps. The view seemed to be different, albeit I was passing the same sights. I took the time to savor the greenery resting against the blueness of the sky. This is such a treat for December. In Maryland the December sky is gray. I enjoyed the splashing of the fountain at the Mystic wishing I could take a dip. By this time I was pretty sweaty. My hair was glued to my neck and sweat dripped off my forehead like rain.
          My trip south was consumed with the act of getting there. My trip north was just the opposite, relaxing and appreciative of the scenery before me. I think that old adage should say although you pass the same people on your way up as you do on your way down, the smart person will pause on the decline and examine through fresh eyes, the sights, the alternatives and why they are taking this dive. No reason to fall straight down without a stop to question why. Just a thought.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Contact Lenses, My New Family Member


Have you ever removed your glasses and noticed the tell tell indentations on each side of the bridge of your nose? It screams I wear glasses. It's like footprints on your face. Well, about a month ago I was admiring myself in the mirror, preparing for my selfie. (Just kidding.) I noticed the footprints and decided right then and there, I was getting myself some contacts. The footprints had to go. I promptly swiped my ophthalmologist on my Samsung Galaxy and wrangled myself an appointment.
          I had my eye exam and was given a prescription for glasses and a return appointment to meet my contacts. 7:30 in the morning I arrived at my Ophthalmologist's office before my shift at work.
          "Have you ever worn contacts?" he asked.
          "Well, no. I've never even thought about it until those unsightly prints showed up on my face."
          "You need to make another appointment for a day when you don't have to work. You're going to need a lot of time to learn to put them in and take them out," my doctor informed me.
          My face fell along with my mood. "No. I can't," I protested. "I work everyday. I need these contacts. Those glasses can't rest another day on my nose."
          I guess he felt kind of sorry me. His head shook and his lips turned upward. I think he had an inward laugh at me. "Have a seat," he told me. Off he went to the secretary's office and returned with the package I so desired. The contacts. They were in disposable liquid filled containers. He peeled the lids back. I watched feeling as if a million dollars was headed my way. My heart did a little happy dance. "Wash your hands," he told me. "Always wash your hands before handling the contacts." He sat a mirror in front of me. His finger disappeared into the liquid and emerged with a clear contact balanced on it's tip.
          I stared at it. What was I suppose to do with it? It wasn't long before I learned. He transferred the clear lens to my index finger of my right hand. He said, "Use the index finger of your left hand and pull your top lid upward. Place your second finger of your right hand on your lower lid and pull down."
          As I listened, I was thinking, isn't all this pulling going to stretch my delicate skin above and below my eyes and lead to wrinkles? He didn't hear my thought and just went on, "Keep your eyes open and look at the lens. Press it in."
          Press it in. I'm afraid to put eyed drops in my eyes. How was I going to stick a finger in my eye? Well, he left me sitting there with the contact balanced on my finger and my face in the mirror. A paper towel lined the desk where I was sitting just in case the tiny, clear lens fell. I tried hard to press it in. I really did. It took forever. The contact dried out. I called to him and told him so. He came back. Dipped the contact into the liquid. It has to be moist when you put it in your eye. He left me again. Alone. I was determined. It paid off. I looked my eye in the mirror. I didn't blink. I pressed the clear lens on my iris. I was excited it stayed there. I got it in, but it sure felt uncomfortable. I told my doctor this also. He said, "You have to get use to it. It will take some time. Give it a week."
          The left eye was easier. It went in without a fuss. I felt like a pro. My doctor came back. "Did you get them in?" I blinked a smile at him. I was as proud as if I had made it to the top of Mt. Everest. Just as quickly as I made it to the top he blew me back down. "Now you have to pinch them out." What did he mean pinch? I felt a little queazy. I hadn't thought about that.
           "Couldn't I just leave them in for a week and come for another appointment?" I dared to ask.                "Nope and nope. I want you to take them out every night and put them in every morning."
           He was really testing me. I was deflating by the millisecond. I sat back down and began to try to pinch the clear lenses out, the one's in my eyes that I couldn't see. The right one was just as difficult to remove as it was to get in. The left was my friend. My left eye loves me. I proudly announced, "I did it. They're out. What do I put them in?" The container in front of me disposable, no lid. I definitely was not going through the trauma of putting them in again, so I thought. Ha, ha, ha, the last laugh was on me.
           "You have to buy a contact lens care kit. You need the lens case to put your contacts in," he informed me.
           "Aren't you going to give me one?" I felt a little panicky.
           "Do I look like the CVS to you?" he asked. He was still having a grand time with me so early in the morning. "Stop at the CVS. Get a kit. Take the contacts out at night. Put them back in in the morning. Call me in a week."
           I sat back down at the desk, in front of the  mirror and gave it my all. The right took a few tries but not as many. The left eye loves me. It went in on the first try. "Suppose my eyes feel dry during the day?" I asked. He gave up a couple samples of eye drops. He let me know I could get those at the CVS also.
           After work I went to the CVS. That was priority. I had to get the little clear things out of my eyes and I needed somewhere to store them. I found the aisle and began pricing the kits and the bottles of solution I would need. A clerk asked if I needed help. Yes I did. What am I suppose to buy and how much. She helped alright. I would need a lifetime supply of solution to clean and store my lenses. I would need eye drops just in case my eyes were irritated or a little dry. My kit came to around $14 for the case, solution and eye drops. So now instead of buying food for a pet, I'm buying solution for contacts.
           It takes a lot of patience for contacts. You need extra time in the morning to put them in before work. It's another step in the morning ritual. Don't think too harshly of my doctor. I worked with him at the out patient center. He's a gem, quite entertaining. He's definitely not a stuffed shirt. He just says whatever. I just wanted you to know that if you're contemplating contacts, it's a commitment. They don't go on and off as easy as eyeglasses.

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"What an ending!"
What did you love best about A Secret Love?
The story was interesting right from the start and kept my attention throughout. The unpredictable twist of the story - the main idea behind the scenes was something that wouldn't have crossed my mind in a million years.

Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? How?
The structure of the story was such that it kept me trying to figure how the author was going to put two different scenes together. The husband cheating on his wife, Christine, and Christine being blackmailed.

Which scene was your favorite?
My favourite scene was towards the end where Derek looks at the inscription on the watch he was given as a Christmas present by his wife and children.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?
I definately listened to the whole book in one sitting as it was very difficult to put down - or in this case, turn off!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holiday Recipes

The holidays are just around the corner. If you're like me trying to decide the menu by surfing for recipe suggestions on the internet, you'll love this. Here's a page where you can share links to a favorite recipe. In the comments box, add your link to a mouth watering meal or dessert you've either come across or one you have posted. Please label as main dish, side dish or dessert. Thanks for sharing. Follow this blog to stay up to date with the recipes.


When you think of Christmas, what images do you see behind your closed eyes? Go on. Close your eyes. What do you see? What do you hear? I closed my eyes and I saw a scene of white. Flakes of snow dancing around before blanketing the ground. A  lofty Pine tree in the center towering skyward. The white fluff clinging to the needles. Christmas songs piped in. Rudolph, Jingle Bells, Please Come Home For Christmas. Children's voices laughing, talking, singing. Santa sitting on his North Pole perch. Children on his lap. His spare tire belly rolling with jolly laughter. His rosy cheeks, red lips and white beard animated as each child rattles off their list of coveted gifts. A young girl occupies Santa's knee. Her brother claims the other. He rattles off his list. Big boy things. Not the one's for babies. Santa's attention turns to the young girl, "And you little lady? What do you want?" She doesn't even take time to think. Her answer is swift. "I already have a lot Santa. I don't want any toys. There's just one thing I'd like to have."

I for one hope she gets it. A Secret Love is a story of a family, Derek, Christina, Carl and Katie. The love is stretched thin, tested to the limit. Christmas is a time of giving, selflessness. What if you gave a selfless gift that turned into Pandora's Box? What would you do? Once you begin reading or listening to A Secret Love you wont' be able to stop until you reach the end.

A Secret Love Kindle format is now on sale for $1.99
If you prefer the story to surround you as I do, the Audible book is available. Kathryn Clark does an awesome job bringing this family life.
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See what others have to say about A Secret Love

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"What an ending!"
What did you love best about A Secret Love?
The story was interesting right from the start and kept my attention throughout. The unpredictable twist of the story - the main idea behind the scenes was something that wouldn't have crossed my mind in a million years.

Did the plot keep you on the edge of your seat? How?
The structure of the story was such that it kept me trying to figure how the author was going to put two different scenes together. The husband cheating on his wife, Christine, and Christine being blackmailed.

Which scene was your favorite?
My favourite scene was towards the end where Derek looks at the inscription on the watch he was given as a Christmas present by his wife and children.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?
I definately listened to the whole book in one sitting as it was very difficult to put down - or in this case, turn off!

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Anatomy of a Great Novel Character

I have been pondering what makes a great character who propels a book to best seller status. The answer is simple. I'm just shaking my head at how I could have missed it. I will warn you it takes a lot of thought, dedication and imagination. The character that comes to mind is Sue Grafton's Kinsey Millhone. Through this series the readers know Kinsey as if she were a friend. They know her physical appearance, her attitudes, her job, her background, and her family history. Kinsey is a real person; only she isn't. You see what I'm getting at? She is someone a reader enjoys spending time with. Just so you can see clearly my point, read Kinsey's bio. You'll swear you're reading about a living, breathing person. This description is from the awesome Wikipedia.

Kinsey Millhone was born on May 5, 1950. Her unusual first name was the maiden name of her mother, wealthy debutante Rita Cynthia Kinsey, who married Kinsey's father, Randy Millhone, against the wishes of Kinsey's grandmother, Cornelia LaGrand Kinsey (Grand), causing a family rift. Kinsey's parents were killed in a car wreck when she was five; Kinsey was trapped in the car with her dead parents for several hours before she was rescued. She then moved in with her mother's sister Virginia (Aunt Gin), the only relative to side with Rita in the family rift, although Kinsey later finds out her parents were en route to a bridge-building family visit when the accident occurred. From her Aunt Gin, Kinsey acquired various eccentricities, including a liking for peanut-butter and pickle sandwiches. In high school, Kinsey was a self-described pot-smoking delinquent. After three semesters at the local community college she realized that academic life was not for her and she joined the Santa Teresa police force. After two years, Kinsey decided life in uniform wasn't for her, either, and quit the police force to become an investigator for California Fidelity, an insurance company, where Aunt Gin had worked. Eventually, she became a self-employed private investigator, initially mentored by local PI Benjamin Byrd, who had been a partner of another local PI, Morley Shine, before striking out on her own, solving various disappearances and murders, clearing names and dodging hitmen. For some years she maintained a loose relationship with CFI, then rented premises in the offices of her lawyer, Lonnie Kingman, before renting independent office space in later years. She has an antagonistic relationship with local policeman Con Dolan, although this mellowed into a reasonably amicable truce after Dolan's retirement and they have co-operated on more than one recent case.
Kinsey is 5'6" tall, and weighs about 118 pounds. She has short, dark, thick hair that she trims with nail scissors, being generally uninterested in her physical appearance. She is, however, very particular about her teeth, and even mentions other people's good teeth (especially men to whom she might be attracted). Her wardrobe consists mostly of jeans and turtleneck sweaters, though she also owns an extremely wrinkle-resistant "little black dress" for those occasions when dressing up is unavoidable. She does, however, place a great premium on physical fitness and jogs three miles every weekday.[2] At the same time, she has a "penchant for junk food." She also suffers from tinnitus, caused when she shot an attacker from inside a trash can. Kinsey has been divorced twice. Her first husband, Mickey, an ex-cop, appears in O is for Outlaw and her second husband, Daniel, a struggling musician, appears in E is for Evidence. In most ways, Kinsey is a loner. She has no children and lives in an extremely compact studio apartment converted from a single-car garage. Her landlord is a young-at-heart octogenarian, Henry Pitts, a retired commercial baker who enjoys creating crossword puzzles; Kinsey admits to having a crush on Henry, but also says he is the closest thing she will have to a father. Henry's family is long-lived, his siblings all being well into their 90s. When not dining on fast food, Kinsey eats regularly at a local tavern, run by flamboyant Hungarian, Rosie, who, in the course of the stories, marries Henry's hypochondriac brother, William.
Kinsey has had several relationships in the series, beginning with Charlie Scorsoni, then Jonah Robb, a police officer, and Robert Dietz, another private eye, until the later novels in which she began an affair with longtime friend Cheney Phillips, a police detective. Kinsey remains friends with Cheney after their split, as she did for a while with Jonah, though Jonah dropped out of her life increasingly after patching up his on-off marriage. Dietz on the other hand has lost touch with her completely, although Kinsey still thinks of him occasionally.
Having lived for most of her life with very few family members (for most of the series, her "family" consisted of Henry and his siblings, Rosie, and the generous-natured employees in nearby offices), Kinsey received a shock when she found out about the Kinsey clan. When she met cousins Tasha and Lisa, she realized the three are very similar in appearance. Kinsey and Tasha formed a business relationship in M Is for Malice and Kinsey was instinctively attached to Tasha's mother, her aunt Susanna, when they met. However, she has remained reluctant to become involved with her new-found family, feeling that they abandoned her when she was orphaned. However in U is for Undertow she discovers that her grandmother made strenuous efforts to foster her after the accident, which Aunt Gin concealed from Kinsey. Kinsey finally agreed to meet Grand at a family event where her grandmother, now very frail, mistook her for her mother.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Managing Your Twitter Feed

Checking my twitter feed in the morning, lunch time, after work, before bed. This can be daunting and time consuming especially if your follower and following list are long. I have found a way to manage the twitter feed and I want to share it with you. My aim with this post is to show you quickly how to keep up with the can't miss tweets. First click on the name of the person. Next to the follow icon is a wheel. Click on it. Second prompt says add or remove from a list. Click it. Click the icon that says create a list. Give your list a name. Describe your list. Decide if you want the list to be public for all the world to see or if the list is for your eyes only, private. Save the list. Make lists for multiple categories like family, shopping, travel, books and so on. Add tweeters to your lists using the wheel and checking which list you want them on.

Now when you want to check can't miss tweets, click on followers. Click lists. Click the list of tweets you want to catch up on. VoilĂ , only tweets from that group will stream. Awesome isn't it?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Creating Intrigue in a Story

Gripping the attention of a reader at the very beginning of a story is key. If the reader isn’t baited and hooked from sentence one, you risk losing an audience.  In my book A Secret Love I actually rearranged the chapters for the effect of intrigue. The reader must have a reason to continue. Below is the prologue for a novel I have not yet completed. But, I am sure after reading it, the reader will be filled with questions and flip the page. That’s all you want, a reader to enjoy the story enough to flip the page.

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    Forced Silence

Seraphina slumped against the tin partition in the restroom stall, head limp, eyes staring blankly at the floor. Her backpack slid off her shoulder, down her arm, hitting the tiled floor with a thud, awakening her from her trance. She quickly tugged it back to the safety of her grip, hugging it tightly to her chest. She made it. Back to DC.
    The space was tight but she would make it work to do what she needed to prepare. The wait had been long. Now here it was. The answer to her prayers.
     Removing her baseball cap, she shook out her wavy black hair, combed her fingers through and fanned it back. She hung her rumpled jacket on the hook followed by her backpack. Metal screeched as the zipper of the backpack was released. Out came a delicately pleated black dress, sheer stockings and black leather three inch strappy sandals. In went comfortable jeans, a football jersey, a pair of socks and tennis. The metal screeched to a close.
     She stilled herself listening for sounds of commuters. No splashing sounds. No flushing sounds. No chatter. Only stillness. She emerged to the mirror opening the front pocket of the backpack producing a compact. In the mirror the narrow, sagging face of a young girl of 18 speckled with freckles, no glimmer in her eyes, no color in her cheeks peered back. She bit on her thin chapped lips, disheartened. She pressed her eyelids shut and took in a deep breath to clear her thoughts.
     It was all behind her now and her future was promising, so why the look of despair? Her hands began to work. Black mascara lengthened and thickened her lashes. Black eyeliner lined her lower lids. Desert gold and peach blossom shadowed her lids. Coral gloss shined her lips while rose blush colored her cheeks. Her hands finished with bronzer for a sun kissed appeal.
     Now in the mirror a young woman of 18, divine, classy stared back. Commuters piled in forming lines. Seraphina waited in the back of the line for her moment. She lost herself in a group as they made their way out. Sunlight warmed her skin and impeded her vision. A pair of sunglasses went from her backpack to her eyes. Gracefully walking with all the refinement of a young beautiful heiress, she stepped to the curb and entered a cab.
    “Where to ma'am?”

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Getting Away With Murder

       When I think of the phrase Master Story Teller, Edgar Allen Poe comes to mind. His short stories are especially intriguing. The start of the story ropes you in. As the story progresses and it seems the villain has gotten away with his dirty deed Poe kicks it up a notch, turning up the heat all at once. Take for instance the Tell-Tale Heart, one of my favorites. The evil doer admits to being crazy but he doesn't see it as a problem. After all the disease has sharpened his senses. He methodically stalks his prey, watching him night after night. All because he didn't care for the man's eye staring at him. An eye he described as that of a vulture, pale blue with a film over it. So to rid himself of seeing the eye the man's life had to go.
       I will admit the deed was gruesome but in Poe's story telling he states the facts without the bloody details. Still you see them. This is how Poe describes the villain's actions- If you still think me mad, you will think so no longer when you when I describe the wise precautions I took for the concealment of the body. The night waned, and I worked hastily, but in silence. First of all I dismembered the corpse. I cut off the head and the arms and the legs.- You saw it didn't you. All the bloody details.
       The villain had gotten away with murder. Even when the police came a calling. They had not a clue of his wise concealment. He invited them in. Played the gracious host. Touring them around the old man's room. Everything in place. His treasures secure and undisturbed. He was confident his deed was covert. So confident here's how he proceeded- In the enthusiasm of my confidence, I brought chairs into the room, and desired them here to rest from their fatigues, while I myself, in the wild audacity of my perfect triumph, placed my own seat upon the very spot beneath which reposed the corpse of the victim.
       The officers were satisfied. Nothing amiss. He had convinced them. But...his sharpened senses. The heart likened to the beating of a heart. Yes, Edgar Allen Poe is a Master Story Teller. I won't ruin the ending for you. You can read the complete story here.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Marry For Love? Marry For Money?

      It was family movie night at the Holsum's home. Four elementary children, two girls, two boys lay on their sleeping bags on the grass, chins propped on their hands, legs bent at the knees, feet flapping happily in the air under the moon lit sky; eyes ogling the makeshift movie screen. The adults sat comfortably behind in their lawn chairs, carbonated drinks in their hands, whispering conversation here and there. The movie was ending. Belle and Beast with eyes locked danced into jubilant oblivion. Happily ever after.
      Kay's head tilted to the side. Four fingers touched her cheek. Her lips parted in a delicate smile, "So beautiful. Always marry for love," she said dreamily.
       Janice scoffed at her, "You're kidding right? Marry for love?
      "No, I'm not kidding." Kay turned in her chair, faced Janice, "Money won't buy you happiness Janice."
      "But it will buy me whatever I want," Janice said outstretching her arms as if offering the world.         "When my husband pisses me off, I don't have to sit and stew. I just take his credit cards and off I go. Shopping."
      "And that's your definition of happiness, of love, of marriage?" Kay asked Janice.
      "Perhaps you weren't listening Kay. I said marry for money. No love involved honey. Just money."
      "So, just to be clear," Kay began, index finger on her chin, "If you fell in love with a man who didn't meet your required income statement, you wouldn't marry him if he asked?"
      Janice's lips went into a tight line, she side eyed kay with a pitying glance, crossed her legs. Laced her fingers around her knees. "No, honey. I wouldn't. He would be history. "No cash...dash," She pointed her finger toward the wilderness.
      Carmen sat quiet, legs crossed at the ankles, elbow leaning on the armrest, cheek resting in her hand. Uncommitted to the conversation. She took a sip of her fizzling drink.
      "What do you think Carmen?" Kay asked reeling her in.
       Sitting up straiter in the lawn chair, eyeing her two sisters Carmen said, "Well, I guess you could learn to love a rich man."

So, what's your opinion? What would you have said to Kay's question?

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

I'm Just Wondering, Polly Wants a Cracker

Have you ever been bored and your mind just took off on a road of thoughts to nowhere? My mind did that today. "Polly want's a cracker." What? Why did I just think that. I don't know. So, I let my mind continue down the road. Why does everyone know that phrase? What does it even mean?

I have the answers, quick and easy at these website  Feed your brain and this site The Bird Channel

I am giving the gift of Audible to my readers. A Secret Love is now an Audible book and a gift for you. Fill in the contact form. In message type- I want it. A Secret Love will be headed your way for your listening pleasure.

Monday, August 10, 2015

It's in the Water

All summer I have been trying to reverse the weight gain from my winter fun of unlimited chocolate, soda and chip snacking. Even drinking diet Pepsi added weight, so I decided why drink diet if I'm still going to gain weight? So back to my regular Pepsi I went. Now toward the end of the summer, I have found an answer or should I say changes I am happy to make in the name of health and weight loss. Would you believe it is in the water?

The thought of adding cucumber to my water was appalling. I must admit after trying it, I found it tasty and I was hooked. So now at the gym or on my long walk or run, I have a bottle of my homemade water with me.

The hardest thing to do was to give up my Pepsi, but I have found that I don't miss the soda or the junk food since I have started drinking my new found water. All you need is fruit, water and the knowledge of which fruit is best for your ultimate goal. I do acknowledge the cucumber is a veggie and not a fruit.

We all desire a flat tummy unless we are expecting a bundle of joy. Here is what you will need:

  • A water pitcher
  • 6 cups of filtered water
  • 1 tbsp of grated ginger
  • 1 cucumber sliced 
  • 1 lemon sliced
  • 1/3 cup of mint leaves
Let the mixture sit overnight in the fridge. Spend your day enjoying this flavored water.

Let's look at the benefits of the ingredients:
  1. Water- Water is synonymous with life. It keeps the body hydrated. Hydration is important because dehydration can slow down the fat burning process. It lubricates joints and muscles during exercise and helps to innervate the blood supply and oxygen to muscles. Water also helps to give a  feeling of fullness during meals so we don’t overeat.
  2. Cucumbers- Helps with hydrating your body. Proper hydration gives you the added benefit of having more energy and helping your body's organs to perform their jobs better. Cucumbers also provide you with vitamins and minerals as well as bringing down your blood pressure. They also serve to curb your appetite. So drinking a cup of cucumber water when you're hungry can help you hold off until your next meal. So when you feel hungry and it's not quite mealtime, you may just be thirsty. Staying hydrated will also keep your skin supple and smooth as well as calming irritated skin such as acne and blemishes. I love cucumber water. It's tasty and satisfying. I actually added cucumber slices to my bottled water but, my daughter also found the water tasty, so I started using the water pitcher. The colder it is the better. 20 minutes in the freezer is awesome.
  3. Lemons- They are high in pectin fiber which helps to suppress food cravings. They also help the body to eliminate waste products by cleansing and detoxifying it. Lemons are alkaline forming and will aid with weight loss.
  4. Mint Leaves- It's a well know fact that mint helps to freshen the breath. Mint also aids in digestion and cleanses the palate. There is also the flavor and aroma mint emits. 
  5. Ginger- Tends to give you a feeling of fullness preventing overeating.

A not guilty verdict. A kidnapping. A midnight trial. Six sitting in judgment and one empty chair. 

Revenge- is it sweet or just a bitter seed? Coach Terrence Jackson is the man who has divided the town of Marston. There are those who believe in the coach and his innocence and then there are the victims who despise him, his smile and his crime. He has a dark past- a previous life no one knew about until the not guilty verdict.

                                         Get The Audiobook 


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Author Producing an Audiobook Using ACX Part 5: How to Gift An Audible Book


Creating an audiobook is an experience to be had by any author. Once you hear the finished product and you find yourself feeling ecstatic with the results as I did, you will now move on to the next step; getting reviews for your audiobook. Reviews seem to be the hardest thing to obtain.

When the Audible audiobook goes up for sale on the site, Audible will send the author 25 codes which allows the receivers of these codes to download the book for free.  You are 25 codes closer to reviews. But here is a warning, a free code is a credit for the bearer to use as he or she pleases. Since you as the author has worked so hard on writing a great novel and invested hard earned money and time into producing your Audible book, make sure the complimentary code is used for your book. Here are the steps:

  1. Copy the code from the email you received from ACX to your clip board.
  2. Sign into your Audible account.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Click Redeem A Promo Code.
  5. Paste the code into the box.
  6. You will see a thank you message.
  7. In your account you will notice you now have one credit available.
  8. Click Redeem again.
  9. Find your book using the search box.
  10. Click on your book.
  11. On the right you will see a link that says give as a gift. Click it.
  12. You can package your gift- pick a card, write a note, add the email of the receiver, add you as the sender.
  13. Preview your card.
  14. You can edit the card or send it.
  15. Now the credit has been used for your book as intended and nothing else.
  16. If you are more of a visual person, this youtube video by Rocking Self Publishing is awesome How to Use ACX Author Promo Codes More Effectively


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Free Audible Book

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Do you love Audible books? I know I do. Once I start listening, the story surrounds me. It's as if watching a movie on the big screen. I can actually picture the scenes as I listen. It's a different experience than reading to myself. If you haven't experienced a book through Audible, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Listen, enjoy and leave a review of your experience. Listen to a sample now of .  Request you copy now or use the contact form. Just type I want it. Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery.  Have a question? Email me

When you receive A code for an Audible book here is how you put it to use:

1.Go to my book's page on

2.Add the audiobook to your cart.

3.Create a new account or log in.

4.Enter the promo code and click "Redeem" on the cart page.
To change the price from full price to $0.00, click the box next to "1 Credit" and click the "update" button to apply the credit to your purchase.
Complete checkout, and start listening to the free copy of the book. 

5. Listen and enjoy.

6. Tell everyone what you thought by leaving a review.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Lies Men Tell and the Single Woman

"I'm single. No, not just single, I'm happily single." You know people who hear that statement doubt it, especially the men.
The men will say, "You don't mean that. You just haven't met the right man yet."
The women say, "Oh how will you know when Mr. Right comes along if you don't give any man a chance?"
I say, "If it's meant to be, it will."

How many of us have had this conversation or felt this way? Although we as single women verbalize these feelings, how many really, really believe it?
Come on be honest. I say it, but in the depths of my mind I know I am always searching for that man who will bring excitement to my life. The man who I want to wrap me in his arms while I fill all my senses with the joy of him. The man who will force me to drop my guard.

How many times has a man approached you and asked, "Are you married? Boyfriend?"
The last time that question was posed to me I proudly announced, "I don't have a husband, don't want a husband. No boyfriend and don't want one of those either."

I was engrossed in my morning workout around the track. Those statements were suppose to push him away. But no, he kept pace with me, kept talking, walking. And in the back of my mind I could hear some little voice saying, " Hey he could be interesting. He could be the one."

After these interactions where you have brushed off the man, do you ever wonder, what if?  What if I gave him a chance; will he let me down like so and so or will he be an ass like the others, or is he just another deadbeat in disguise? The past never seems to die. It seems to replay itself over and over. Why? It's because we are always dating the same man. He may have a different name, different looks, but he is still the same man. We seek him out and let him in. So, we find ourselves having the same relationship problems over and over.

One night in a heat of boredom my writing career peeked out. What if my character fell in love as usual with Mr. I'm The Best Thing That Has Happened To You? She gets sucked into his vortex before she even knows what has hit her. Yes, life is good with her new man. His conversation, company and  especially the bedroom activity just hooks her and keeps her coming back. But as usual, because he is the same man in different clothing the problems begin. Lies lead to deceit. Deceit leads to shattered dreams which alter lives.

But we live our lives with the tears and constant ending of relationships because of little white lies and off the chain untruths, so why spend time reading about it? I have the answer. Because in a book we have control. We are the puppeteers. We can change the ending.

So the next question is how do I  make it interesting. You got it, obsession and sex. And in the darkness of night, Love me Senseless was born. The original story was a trilogy, HIM, HIM Again and The Diamond Couple. I have rewritten the HIM portion of the book. Hey if you get a chance compare the versions. I'd love to know which one you prefer. Stop by GoodReads and read HIM. It's free. Then read Love Me Senseless. Compare. Those were my first three books.

There is always the question of how can I keep my man faithful to me?  That can be a huge undertaking. From that question my next book Mistake was hatched. Now that Beth has the man, how does she keep him all to herself? The answer lies just ahead in a the magic of a book. Does Beth dare to follow the recipe in the book? After all, a faithful man is what we want. In a book we make our own endings. Let the puppeteering begin.

View Book                                                                                                                 View Book

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Author Producing an Audiobook Using ACX (How To) Part 4 Audible

Finally the wait is almost over. A Secret love is now available on
Once you finish everything, your audible book will be available for sale on Audible's site first. Next it will be available on Amazon and Apple's iTunes. The price for the audiobook is set by Audible based on the length of the audiobook.

Now comes the really fun part, getting the word out that the audiobook is available. So spread the word! A Secret Love is waiting to entertain you. Visit A Secret Love's page and learn how to get it for free. When you get to the page, use the links to share it, tweet it, pin it, like it, g+1 it.

Want a code for a free download? Email me at
As soon as the codes are released to me I will pass them on to you. Your email will only be used to notify you when new books by Brigitta are available. After you receive your code, let everyone know what you thought about A Secret Love with your awesome review. Act fast. There are a limited number of free codes available.

I hope this series has been helpful to you.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Author Producing an Audiobook Using ACX (How To) Part 3

Hopefully you have already read parts one and two.  To my surprise my narrator finished the audiobook way ahead of the due date. Awesome! You will receive an email letting you know it is available for you to listen to and decide if there are changes you would like made. During your review of the audio files the narrator is unable to make any changes to these files. Each chapter is a separate link. This makes it easy for you to describe where you would like changes made. It also makes for easier listening by allowing you to listen to each chapter separately.

If you request changes to be made you will have to use the link in the box at the top right of the listening page. There are two links- request changes and approve audiobook. If changes are requested, it will need to be done here so the audio files can be released to the narrator to make the changes. This can't be accomplished with a simple email describing the changes you want because the narrator will not be able to access the files.

After the changes are made, you will receive the audio files back for your listening pleasure. Again you can approve the files or request changes. You can only request changes twice.  If you are unhappy with the finished product you can cancel, but be aware you may encounter some financial obligations. These are outlined in the ACX Audiobook Production Standard Terms 

Once you have approved the files, you will receive an email saying-You have approved the audiobook production of,  in my case, A SECRET LOVE. However, a payment of $_____must be made to the audiobook's producer. After the producer confirms receipt of your payment, we will begin distributing the audiobook of A SECRET LOVE to Audible, Amazon and iTunes. That's when the fun really begins.

You will have to contact the narrator for the accepted forms of payment. After you make the payment your next email will say- Good news! Your Narrator's name has specified that they have received payment for the production of "A SECRET LOVE". Thanks!

Now ACX will put the audiobook through a quick final quality control process, then begin distributing it to Amazon, Audible and iTunes. Barring any issues in the quality check, that process should take upwards of 14-20 business days.

Wow. More waiting. Stay tuned. I will keep you updated on the process. In the mean time  Want to Read it Now. A copy is waiting for you. 
Listen to chapter 5. 

Visit my estore for a print copy

List Price: $5.98
5" x 8" (12.7 x 20.32 cm) 
Black & White on Cream paper
102 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1514367476 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1514367475
BISAC: Fiction / Short Stories

Every marriage has a secret or two or more, but Christina's has a big one. A secret she has managed to keep for nine years. Her husband Derek doesn't suspect a thing. A blackmailer has entered the picture and now Christina's exposure is imminent. The blackmailer is demanding payment that Christina doesn't have. If she doesn't pay, her secret will be leaked and she will lose her husband and children on Christmas day.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Author Producing an Audiobook Using ACX (How To) Part 2

Today I received the first 15-minute preview of my audiobook for A Secret Love .  The narrator has an awesome voice. She gives life to all the characters.  To get to the preview link:

  •  Click the projects tab
  • Located at the top of the page above the ACX logo
  •  Click the offers tab in the middle of the page
  • Click your book's title to access the mini recorder

 After you have listened to the 15 minutes you need to decide if you approve.If you do, there is a link which says approve. There is also another link to email your narrator if necessary. The excitement of getting closer to a finished audiobook is thrilling.

The next step will be to work on your cover. There are suggestions of using sites such as Fivrr. I opted to do my own. I used the cover file from the book, which I downloaded from Createspace. Next I opened the jpeg on my Mac and used the picture editing software to add the narrator's name to the cover. ACX requires the cover to be square, no less than 2400x2400, 72 dpi and RGB colors. Let's face facts. Your cover on your Kindle or paperback is not square. So how do you make the cover square? It's so easy. I'll tell you.

  • Go to
  • Choose your file
  • Enter Height and Width 2400x2400
  • Click resize image
  • Click download
Now when you open the download, you have a square picture. I wasn't impressed with the minimal size of 2400x2400, so I increased mine to 3000x3000. I liked it much better. Upload it to ACX and you're done. Now the hard part, waiting for the finished product.  In the meantime take a look at the square cover for A Secret Love.

Compare to the new Kindle and paperback cover below.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Author Producing an Audiobook Using ACX (How To)

At the end of this article are pictures of the paperback cover and the kindle. Leave a comment on which one you like most.

I have been considering making my books available in the audiobook format for a while now. I love these books. They entertain me in my car when I don't want to listen to the radio. I can read a book in Kindle format and pick up where I left off in my car with the audiobook. So, I'm sure many readers share my love of audiobooks. This is one reason I've decided to take the audiobook route. Another reason is actually a self serving one. I wanted to bring my characters of A Secret Love to life.

I began my audiobook project by visiting the ACX site owned by Amazon. There I found links upon links to questions with answers. I was a little overwhelmed with information. After surfing through the links I decided to do it, put my book out there asking for a voice to give life to my characters. While I waited for responses I listened to voices of producers posted on the site via their auditions. This little feature is not obvious. It doesn't say producers or auditions or voices. It says search. Next to the word search is a drop down with links to producers for hire and titles accepting auditions. I linked to the producers, set the filters and listened to auditions until I heard an audition that offered me what I was searching for. I found the voice I wanted and sent an email. You don't have to wait for auditions. If you find a voice you like, ask for an audition. They can only say no or you may get a yes like me.

Before you can make an offer to a producer, your tax information must be cleared first. Most of the time it is cleared instantly. While you are waiting for your tax info to clear you are able to add your title and accept auditions, but you will not be able to make an offer to a producer. Of utmost importance; be sure that your browser does not autocomplete your information in places you don't want it. For instance, my browser added information in the business name section. Now the form is considering my tax information as a business. I put in my SS#, but it was still went to the IRS as a check for a TIN for a business. I didn't scrutinize my form during the check at the end of the tax interview. What a nightmare. If you overlook an error it can take a long agonizing time to straighten out the error. One week into the tax ordeal I actually closed that account and opened a new one. My taxes were approved instantly. The downside is I can no longer use my brigittamoon email. And to my surprise I couldn't claim my book in my new account. It was already claimed by someone else, me. So the ACX representative who answered my email when this began promised me she would stay on top of the tax situation. She was great. She called me when she discovered I had closed my account and opened a new one. She took care of helping me to reclaim my book A Secret Love   in my new account.

Since the account is new, the producer I was conversing with via ACX email was no longer available to me there. My inbox was empty of previous conversations and previous auditions. I had to go back to the page with the Producers's auditions and search for her. After clicking on her name I was taken to her page where I was able to send her an email and most importantly click the offer tab. I thought the offer was going to be time consuming and plenty of legal paper. It wasn't. It was just a few fill in the blanks, due date for first 15 minutes of the audiobook, date for completion, method of payment- royalty share or flat rate and expiration date of the offer. You can print out all the legal paper if you like. It' there to review before you send the offer.

My offer has been accepted and I am now awaiting the first 15 minutes of the audiobook. This is exciting!

Check back for continued updates on my progress with my audiobook for ASecret Love. 
In the mean time get the Kindle version available at Amazon  for 99 cents

Paperback is now available at CreateSpace an Amazon store 

Which Cover Is Your Favorite?