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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Did He Just Get Away With Murder?



This word search is a short story written by Brigitta Moon and is included in the BMB

Books Word Puzzle collection. Each word that appears in capitals below is contained inside the puzzle letter group. Words can be found in a straight line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. They can be read forward or backward. Did he get away with murder?


Mr. Herlock Amadan is in PARIS for a ROMANTIC celebration with his wife. Twenty years of MARRIAGE. She has been the best wife—raising the kids, keeping the house, and keeping her husband. His shirts and pants were always pressed with a crease that even the dry cleaner envied. Breakfast was hot and on the table every morning before she kissed her man and sent him off to work on Capitol Hill. Now, the kids are grown and Mrs. Amadan has some gray strands in her neat hairdo. CELLULITE and belly fat are CREEPING up on the happy couple. But Mr. Amadan doesn't care about the aging changes his wife is EXPERIENCING. So, for their twentieth ANNIVERSARY, he books a lovely trip to Paris. His wife is ECSTATIC. She tells everyone about her wonderful DEVOTED husband. Mr. Amadan is today's talk on the Hill. What a wonderful husband he is— is what they are all saying. He has even GARNERED a COVETED time slot on the news. He sweeps his twenty-year bride off her feet and onto a plane for a romantic twentieth HONEYMOON. He wines and dines her like a queen. On the third evening, he has a surprise for his lovely wife. She is off to take a shower to ready herself for whatever he has planned. He kisses her cheek, telling her he will return soon. He has to add the final touch to their CELEBRATION. Twenty minutes later he leaves the suite, greets the DOORMAN on the way. But he is so happy, he turns back to the doorman and announces that it is his anniversary. He is off to get his wife the biggest diamond he can find. The one he finds is CAPTIVATING—it has all four Cs—color, cut, clarity, and carats. The woman is a KNOCKOUT: gleaming red hair and girlish freckles sprinkled across the bridge of her nose, perky breasts, toned thighs, and she has the giggles. He slips the ring on the finger that could be that of a hand model. An hour of passionate lovemaking with the hand model has made Mr. Amadan feel twenty again. He returns to the hotel, BRANDISHES the less than "biggest diamond he can find" at the doorman. The lowly paid employee smiles, showing all his teeth. To him, it looks as if it is worth a million dollars. Mr. Amadan returns to his suite. He walks through looking for his wife. The shower is running. He can hear the water. He peers in. Mrs. Amadan is DEAD, apparently slipped in the shower and hit her head. Mr. Amadan smiles as he lifts the receiver to call for help. He doesn't have a worry in the world. The Doorman will REMEMBER him.

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