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Friday, March 4, 2016

I Love Gifts- Giveaway Link is Finally Available!

Finally. The giveaway code is here for MISTAKE
Good luck! Follow me and click the gift to see instantly if you're a winner.

Enter giveaway

Don't you just love getting gifts? There are gifts for holidays, birthdays and just because. This is a chance to win a just because gift. I have just released the second edition of MISTAKE. Spend a day with Beth and Lil. As soon as Amazon releases the link, you will be able to enter for your chance at the gift of MISTAKE. Check back for more details. This is really exciting!

*I'm still waiting for Amazon to send the link.

For everyone who has been interested in the giveaway I must apologize for the delay of posting the link. There was a delay by Amazon in getting the links out. It seems this program is so popular that they have fallen behind. I am quite excited about the opportunity that Amazon is offering so authors can host gifts of books. Please check back. As soon as I receive the code I will pass it on to you.  

Unfortunately I have to report that I sill have not received a code for the giveaway yet. This has been quite disappointing, so I have decided to give the gift of my uncorrected proof copy paperback. Here are the details at the bottom this linked post Colorful Writing 

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