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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Easy Weekly Savings Plan Week 12

Hey all you savers. We are on week 12. I'm just checking in to keep you on point with your weekly savings plan. Our last check point was week 4. At that point we had a total of $10 in our accounts. Now we're on week 12. Here's the breakdown. You should have added $68 to the $10. Week 5-$5 + week 6-$6 + week 7-$7 +week 8-$8 + week 9-$9 + week 10-$10 + $11 for week 11 and $12 for week 12. Yowza, we just added $68 to our growing money nest of money. It may seem so small now, but at years end, an extra $1,378 will be appetizing.

Today young people are so talented and they put their talents to work to add to their income. Take out four minutes to listen to this young lady narrate her first book about- you guessed it- money. This book is not available in Audible yet, but it is available in paperback   and Kindle .

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