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Friday, August 21, 2015

Marry For Love? Marry For Money?

      It was family movie night at the Holsum's home. Four elementary children, two girls, two boys lay on their sleeping bags on the grass, chins propped on their hands, legs bent at the knees, feet flapping happily in the air under the moon lit sky; eyes ogling the makeshift movie screen. The adults sat comfortably behind in their lawn chairs, carbonated drinks in their hands, whispering conversation here and there. The movie was ending. Belle and Beast with eyes locked danced into jubilant oblivion. Happily ever after.
      Kay's head tilted to the side. Four fingers touched her cheek. Her lips parted in a delicate smile, "So beautiful. Always marry for love," she said dreamily.
       Janice scoffed at her, "You're kidding right? Marry for love?
      "No, I'm not kidding." Kay turned in her chair, faced Janice, "Money won't buy you happiness Janice."
      "But it will buy me whatever I want," Janice said outstretching her arms as if offering the world.         "When my husband pisses me off, I don't have to sit and stew. I just take his credit cards and off I go. Shopping."
      "And that's your definition of happiness, of love, of marriage?" Kay asked Janice.
      "Perhaps you weren't listening Kay. I said marry for money. No love involved honey. Just money."
      "So, just to be clear," Kay began, index finger on her chin, "If you fell in love with a man who didn't meet your required income statement, you wouldn't marry him if he asked?"
      Janice's lips went into a tight line, she side eyed kay with a pitying glance, crossed her legs. Laced her fingers around her knees. "No, honey. I wouldn't. He would be history. "No cash...dash," She pointed her finger toward the wilderness.
      Carmen sat quiet, legs crossed at the ankles, elbow leaning on the armrest, cheek resting in her hand. Uncommitted to the conversation. She took a sip of her fizzling drink.
      "What do you think Carmen?" Kay asked reeling her in.
       Sitting up straiter in the lawn chair, eyeing her two sisters Carmen said, "Well, I guess you could learn to love a rich man."

So, what's your opinion? What would you have said to Kay's question?

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