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Friday, May 15, 2020

Working on the Frontline - COVID 19: New York

Have you wondered about the workers on the frontline? How do they feel meeting the coronavirus
head-on? My original reason for writing this document was to keep track of my experience. Kathleen Harryman, her words meant a lot and went a long way to sealing my decision to publish. So, come,
walk a mile in my shoes. 
Eventually, it became a means for me to express and interpret my feelings in black and white. I considered sharing and then I changed my mind. I had stopped documenting my experience. I had decided against publishing this journal because I felt it stripped my feelings and deepest and darkest thoughts bare, but when I read a tweet from a fellow author,

This book is an expression of my feelings and thoughts and in no way reflects the experiences or feelings of other frontline workers.

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