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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Hidden Gems - Books by Indie Authors for Kindle Unlimited

Welcome to the entertaining world of Indie books.
Here is my list of Indie authors I have read and enjoyed. Click the author's name, visit the books, download the ones you like, and most of all—enjoy.

1. C. W. Hawes Science Fiction, Thrillers, Mysteries, and Poetry. 
2. Colin Garrow Do you enjoy Sherlock Holmes? This is the Indie for you. 
3. Mette Barfelt Clean and enjoyable sweet romances.
4. Amber Skye Fun erotica novels with a bit of humor.
5. Ken Stark Entertaining Horror novels.
6. C. S. McDonald Cozy Mysteries with a woman sleuth, Fiona Quinn.
7. K. Z. Howell Science Fiction Suspense.
8. Norma Nikutowski Nonfiction. Do you wish you could feel happier in your everyday life? This book is for you. 
9. Steven Arnett Crime Thrillers. 
10. Alex Bailey Woman's Fantasy. 
11. D. M. Wolfenden Paranormal Novels 
13. Natasha Blackthorne Historical Romance, Gothic Romance, Erotica.
12. Kathleen Harryman Psychological, Suspense, Historical Novels, and Poetry.
14. Bea Kendall Cozy Mysteries, Women's Detective Fiction, Short Reads.
15. Ken Fry Religious Biblical Fiction, Religious Mysteries.
16. N. C. Stow Sci-Fi, Folk Tales, Fantasy, Paranormal. 
17. Sharon Brownlie Psychological Thrillers 
18. J.G. MacLeod Romantic Comedy and Historical Romance 
19. Patrick Brown Teen and Young Adult, Literary Fiction, Urban Fiction, Suspense 
20. Kayce Kells Biography, Memoire, Teen, and Young Women.
21. Eric Wilder  Supernatural Thrillers and Paranormal Mysteries.

Don't forget to click the review stars when you reach the end of the story.

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