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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Hidden Gems - Books by Indie Authors

Books improve lives. Do you believe this three-word statement? Let's explore. When was your last book purchase or borrow from a friend or a library? Why? You were bored? Wanted to visit a new land? Wanted to fall in love? Wanted information? Yep, these are a few of the reasons we read.

I will be tweeting books by Independent Authors in hopes that you will discover one you enjoy. Let's see what is meant by the phrase Indie Author (Independent Author). This refers to authors who don’t have a traditional publisher involved. The indie author usually retains all the rights to their work. They do everything themselves including marketing, the most difficult task, but most essential. After all, if no one knows a book exists, who will buy and enjoy it? The Indie Author pays all the bills from the production of the book to the ads and promotions to get the finished product in front of readers. The author is paid by distributors such as Draft2Digital, Amazon, and Smash-words directly.

Have you ever wondered if it is a glamorous life? Sure seems like it. Being Indie is a grueling undertaking. It's one an Indie must enjoy for a book to succeed. The author must be able to extend goodwill and self publically. Most of all, without readers, the Indie Author's books go unnoticed and unread.

My sneaky plan today is to introduce readers to the expansive and entertaining world of Indie books starting with a list of Indie author I have read and enjoyed. I will keep adding to this list, so keep checking back.

1. Colin Garrow Do you enjoy Sherlock Holmes? This is the Indie for you.
2.  Mette Barfelt  Clean and enjoyable sweet romances.
3.  Amber Skye  Fun erotica novels with a bit of humor.
4.  Ken Stark Entertaining Horror novels.
5.  C. S. McDonald Cozy Mysteries with a woman sleuth, Fiona Quinn.
6.  K. Z. Howell  Science Fiction Suspense.
7.  Norma Nikutowski Nonfiction. Do you wish you could feel happier in your everyday life? This book is for you.

8.  Steven Arnett Crime Thrillers.

9.  Alex Bailey  Woman's Fantasy. 

10. D. M. Wolfenden Paranormal Novels

11. Kathleen Harryman Psychological, Suspense, Historical Novels and Poetry.
12. C. W. Hawes  Science Fiction, Thrillers, Mysteries, and Poetry.
13. Bea Kendall  Cozy Mysteries, Women's Detective Fiction, Short Reads.
14. Ken Fry  Religious Biblical Fiction, Religious Mysterious,
15.  SA Krishnan   Mythology & Folk Tales, Children's Folk Tales & Myth CollectionsFairy Tale Fantasy

16. Sharon Brownlie Psychological Thrillers

17. Phebe Yawson Teen and Young Adult Dark Fantasy

Here's whats Free at BMB Books today.


1. Christmas Mourning - A Christmas Tale for all ages. Get it Now!
Note - This book is not free at Amazon. You'll have to request a price match.

2. Becoming Dawn Knight - The making of a serial killer. Fiction. Get it Now!


Bonus for Audiobook Lovers with quick clicks. I have added three Free codes for each audiobook. Each can only be used once. When they're all used, just email me and I'll send you one. Once Audible notifies me that the codes have been claimed, I'll remove the used ones. (This is a slow process)

1. Becoming Dawn Knight - Book One of The Dawn Knight Short Story Series
Note: Book two will be available soon. 

 Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link 

1. EQE7R9TMWK746

2. GUILTY - Book One of The Marston Series - Fiction. Thriller.

 Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link 


3. A Secret Love - Romantic Suspense. Short Story. 

    Copy the code first and Paste into this Audible Link 


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