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Monday, December 28, 2015

The View Has Two Faces

You pass all the same people on your way up as you passed on your way down, so goes the old saying. I don't know why this thought presented itself to me as I was working on collecting steps on my Samsung S Health App. It kind of just jumped out at me on North Old Lake Wilson Road as I was making the return trip to my resort. As I walked quickly south I enjoyed the views. I passed Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club, Festiva Orlando Resort and an abandoned resort that was weather beaten and falling down with age. I also passed lots of undeveloped land rich with trees.
          When I reach the designated turn around, I made a U and ambled north, retracing my foot steps. The view seemed to be different, albeit I was passing the same sights. I took the time to savor the greenery resting against the blueness of the sky. This is such a treat for December. In Maryland the December sky is gray. I enjoyed the splashing of the fountain at the Mystic wishing I could take a dip. By this time I was pretty sweaty. My hair was glued to my neck and sweat dripped off my forehead like rain.
          My trip south was consumed with the act of getting there. My trip north was just the opposite, relaxing and appreciative of the scenery before me. I think that old adage should say although you pass the same people on your way up as you do on your way down, the smart person will pause on the decline and examine through fresh eyes, the sights, the alternatives and why they are taking this dive. No reason to fall straight down without a stop to question why. Just a thought.

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