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Friday, July 31, 2015

Lies Men Tell and the Single Woman

"I'm single. No, not just single, I'm happily single." You know people who hear that statement doubt it, especially the men.
The men will say, "You don't mean that. You just haven't met the right man yet."
The women say, "Oh how will you know when Mr. Right comes along if you don't give any man a chance?"
I say, "If it's meant to be, it will."

How many of us have had this conversation or felt this way? Although we as single women verbalize these feelings, how many really, really believe it?
Come on be honest. I say it, but in the depths of my mind I know I am always searching for that man who will bring excitement to my life. The man who I want to wrap me in his arms while I fill all my senses with the joy of him. The man who will force me to drop my guard.

How many times has a man approached you and asked, "Are you married? Boyfriend?"
The last time that question was posed to me I proudly announced, "I don't have a husband, don't want a husband. No boyfriend and don't want one of those either."

I was engrossed in my morning workout around the track. Those statements were suppose to push him away. But no, he kept pace with me, kept talking, walking. And in the back of my mind I could hear some little voice saying, " Hey he could be interesting. He could be the one."

After these interactions where you have brushed off the man, do you ever wonder, what if?  What if I gave him a chance; will he let me down like so and so or will he be an ass like the others, or is he just another deadbeat in disguise? The past never seems to die. It seems to replay itself over and over. Why? It's because we are always dating the same man. He may have a different name, different looks, but he is still the same man. We seek him out and let him in. So, we find ourselves having the same relationship problems over and over.

One night in a heat of boredom my writing career peeked out. What if my character fell in love as usual with Mr. I'm The Best Thing That Has Happened To You? She gets sucked into his vortex before she even knows what has hit her. Yes, life is good with her new man. His conversation, company and  especially the bedroom activity just hooks her and keeps her coming back. But as usual, because he is the same man in different clothing the problems begin. Lies lead to deceit. Deceit leads to shattered dreams which alter lives.

But we live our lives with the tears and constant ending of relationships because of little white lies and off the chain untruths, so why spend time reading about it? I have the answer. Because in a book we have control. We are the puppeteers. We can change the ending.

So the next question is how do I  make it interesting. You got it, obsession and sex. And in the darkness of night, Love me Senseless was born. The original story was a trilogy, HIM, HIM Again and The Diamond Couple. I have rewritten the HIM portion of the book. Hey if you get a chance compare the versions. I'd love to know which one you prefer. Stop by GoodReads and read HIM. It's free. Then read Love Me Senseless. Compare. Those were my first three books.

There is always the question of how can I keep my man faithful to me?  That can be a huge undertaking. From that question my next book Mistake was hatched. Now that Beth has the man, how does she keep him all to herself? The answer lies just ahead in a the magic of a book. Does Beth dare to follow the recipe in the book? After all, a faithful man is what we want. In a book we make our own endings. Let the puppeteering begin.

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