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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Managing Your Twitter Feed

Checking my twitter feed in the morning, lunch time, after work, before bed. This can be daunting and time consuming especially if your follower and following list are long. I have found a way to manage the twitter feed and I want to share it with you. My aim with this post is to show you quickly how to keep up with the can't miss tweets. First click on the name of the person. Next to the follow icon is a wheel. Click on it. Second prompt says add or remove from a list. Click it. Click the icon that says create a list. Give your list a name. Describe your list. Decide if you want the list to be public for all the world to see or if the list is for your eyes only, private. Save the list. Make lists for multiple categories like family, shopping, travel, books and so on. Add tweeters to your lists using the wheel and checking which list you want them on.

Now when you want to check can't miss tweets, click on followers. Click lists. Click the list of tweets you want to catch up on. VoilĂ , only tweets from that group will stream. Awesome isn't it?