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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cat Talk

I had the opportnity to cat sit for my mom's cat for five days. So, in addition to kitty supplies, what do you think she left me. That's right, a list called Cat Talk.
Here it is:
1.If she follows you around she is lonely.
2.If she touches or licks you she loves you.
3.She also loves you when she follows you.
4.If she itches a lot she has dry skin or allergies.
5.If she jumps nervously when she tries to eat, she needs quietness.
6.She wants quiet and private when she uses her litter box.
7.If she leans down and acts like she is ready to jump she wants to play. She might hit your ankle playing.
8.If she stretch out in front of you she wants to play.
9.If she paces the floor at night she is hunting like a tiger.

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