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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Disjointed Tales by Ken Fry - A Book Review

Disjointed Tales: Short Stories of the Weird and the Macabre by [Fry, Ken]This is a book of six short stories. I absolutely enjoy short stories. These by Ken Fry did not disappoint me at all. I loved that I could start one of the stories during a short break and finish it—completely satisfied. I went into this book blind, thinking I would guess the outcome. I finished the first story with my mouth hanging open at how far off base I was. By the second story, I had this author Ken Fry's MO down. I knew I would guess the ending—until it arrived. I was left blinking with a chuckle reverberating in my chest. By the third, I decided to just lay back and let Mr. Fry tell me a story. I enjoyed each tale and recommend this collection, especially if you are short on time and you need a compact entertaining story told by a clever author. 

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