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Monday, March 2, 2020

Books to Read With Something Extra - The Twist

Have you ever been reading a mystery or thriller or even watching a movie, and knew you had it all
figured out, and just as quickly as the light dies with the flip of a switch, everything you believed would happen had turned 360 degrees? The plot twist. You gotta love'em. Why? Not only do they catch you off guard, but the twist gives you something to snack on long after the story is over. The best plot twists are unexpected. They are especially satisfying when they come near the end of the story. Do you agree?

Let me introduce you to a series that has surprised readers since book one - GUILTY. The Marston Series has five books presently. The endings are never what the reader expects. One reader left a review saying, "I loved all the twists and turns." Did the book leave readers with something to chew on when the story was over? Another reader says, "This is a great book about justice, but it's a lot more than that."

Coach Jackson was well-respected and loved by the community. Hell, they all trusted him. Here's the thing. His popularity in the community held like glue even when Rose, a high school cheerleader, pointed the finger at him as her attacker. He spent his days coaching his team and flashing his pearly whites while Rose grappled to pull her life back together. Not only was he the football coach and she was a cheerleader for the team, his son, Jonas was also her boyfriend. 

You can listen to GUILTY free via Audible. Just pick a free code, copy it, and paste the code into the Audible link. Get the codes here. When you get there, a surprise ending is waiting for you—three other audiobooks you can have free. If the codes run out before I post new ones, just send me a message. 

By the way: if you enjoy being all twisted up at the end of a book, check out The Marston Series and the Romantic Suspense novels: Her Cheating Man, A Secret Love, Ashes of Old Lovers

Happy Reading!

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