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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Seedfolks - A Book Review

The title caught my eye first. Next, the cover drew my attention. Once I started reading, I knew this book offered more than a way to pass the time. I love short stories because sometimes I get so busy I have read in small bites. This book is like a collection of very short stories that are connected by the garden. Each story is told by a character, an immigrant, in their distinctive voice. I particularly enjoyed Sae Young. As I read, I could hear her speaking in the familiar broken English that I have heard many times, sometimes daily. Another aspect I enjoyed in this book is how it addressed the issues which we deal with today like immigration, racial profiling, and segregation. The author nor the characters never say this is what is happening. It is described as unintimidating as the weather. You know it is happening, and you understand it from the character's point of view. The character's story doesn't end. It's like a conversation. Each person tells their story and simply move to the background while the next person picks up the conversation. I know this book is written for children, but I enjoyed it. I often enjoy a good children's story, probably because I have read so many to and with my children; the ones that offer wisdom as well as entertainment. One is never too old to learn something new. 😃

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