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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Heart stopping forgetfulness

I'm guessing you've noticed my blog's name change. I think it's time to make a change, especially with change of season. Let me treat you to a short chuckle of a story. And it's true.

Heart stopping forgetfulness :)

I had to work 4 hours on my birthday. I drove to the train station and caught the subway downtown. My daughter called me close to quitting time with an offer to pick me up and spend some time. My shero! After scooping me up from work we picked up my younger daughter and the three of us went off to lunch for good food and chatting. After lunch we gassed up and headed home where we spent time sharing life events- wedding plans and videos and book launch strategies. Well, my daughter was packing up to head home. She had a test to study for. I parted the curtains to check the weather. I froze. Actually, I couldn't breathe or move or speak. And to top it off I felt light headed. My parking pad was vacant :O My car had been stolen. I was finally able to make the announcement- my car is gone. It took us a little time, but we got it all sorted out. The darn thing was still at the train station :)

Have you heard? 

GUILTY is now live and available at your favorite store.

GUILTY (A Marston Series Book 1)

A not guilty verdict. A kidnapping. A midnight trial. Six sitting in judgement and one empty chair. Revenge- is it sweet or just a bitter seed? Coach Terrence Jackson is the man who has divided the town of Marston. There are those who believe in the coach and his innocence and then there are the victims who despise him, his smile and his crime. He has a dark past- a previous life no one knew about until the not guilty verdict.

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