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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Weekly Savings Plan #45

Welcome back new and previous savers! It's been a while. We are into week 45. I'm just checking in again to keep you on point with
your weekly savings plan. It's been a few months since our last check point at week 32. At that point we had a total of $528 in our growing nest egg account. Now we're on week 45. Here's the breakdown. You should have added $507 to the $528. Week 33-$33 + week 34-$34 + week 35-$35 + week 36-$36 +week 37-$37 + week 38-$38 + week 39-$39 + week 40-$40 + week 41-41+ week 42-$42 + week 43-$43 + week 44-$44 + week 45-$45.  Bamdiggitty! We've just added a total of $1,035 to our growing nest of money. It's looking good and at the end of the year- just 7 weeks away- an extra $1,378 will be much appreciated. Christmas! Yep! New Years party? What will you do with your $1,378? Roll it over and pile on more cash for the next year? Invest in a stock? Take a vacation? Buy gifts? Just a little something to ponder again. 

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