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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weekly Savings Plan #32

Total Money Makeover

Welcome back new and previous savers! We are into week 32. I'm just checking in again to keep you on point with your weekly savings plan. It's been almost five weeks since our last check point at week 27. At that point we had a total of $378 in our growing nest egg account. Now we're on week 32. Here's the breakdown. You should have added $150 to the $378. Week 28-$28 + week 29-$29 + week 30-$30 +week 31-$31 + week 32-$32.  Cha-ching! We've just added $528 to our growing nest of money. It may still seem small, but at the end of the year, an extra $1,378 will be appreciated. Christmas! Yep! What will you do with your $1,378? Roll it over and pile on more cash for the next year? Invest in a stock? Take a vacation? Buy gifts? Have a New Years party? Just a little something to ponder again.

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