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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Printing a Book In Color vs Black and White

Adding pictures to the header of each episode was an idea that hit me out of the blue. I wanted to have a picture that would kind of speak to what the episode was about to share with the reader. This was an awesome thought, but an expensive one. To decrease the pages and the price of the book, I printed it in a 12 point font instead of the 14 point I usually use. This brought the book down to 202 pages, but it didn't bring down the price for color.

Her's my dilemma. If I print in color and use all the selling outlets, the cost for the 202 page book would be a whopping $30. If I only sold it on Amazon and my store, the cost would be in the ballpark of $15 as a base. For black and white the cost would be $3.27 as a base. Those prices don't include any markup for profit.

I thought I would share this with you just in case you were wondering about the cost of color printing.

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Take a look at the impact of color vs black and white.

Black and white Episode picture

Color Episode picture

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