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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Easy Weekly Savings Plan- Week 23

Welcome back all you savers out there! We are finishing up week 23. I'm just checking in to keep you on point with your weekly savings plan. Our last check point was week 17. At that point we had a total of $153 in our nest egg account. Now we're on week 23. Here's the breakdown. You should have added $123 to the $153. Week 18-$18 + week 19-$19 + week 20-$20 +week 21-$21 + week 22-$22 + week 23-$23.  Wahoo! We've just added $276 to our growing nest of money. It may still seem so small now, but at the end of the year, an extra $1,378 will be more than just a tasty morsel. What would you do with an $1,378? Roll it over and pile on more cash for the next year? Invest in a stock? Take a vacation? Just a little something to ponder again.

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