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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Murder House by James Patterson & David Ellis

I listened to the audiobook and it was gripping. I knew from the first sentence this would be a book I would not be able to leave. There were no word fillers in this story. Each one counted. Once I entered this maze I was unable to exit and come back another day. I finished it before I went to bed. At some points I felt like my head was spinning. At others I found myself tense with anger with some of the characters. One sentence I thought gave me a clue as to who was behind all the murders and then as the story progressed, I thought it was someone else and then it was him again and then someone else and then I wasn't sure and then I was and maybe and.. This is the kind of story The Murder House is, you just can't be sure what's going on and why. It keeps you spinning around in circles, never trusting anyone. And you know what? You won't know why, how or who until you reach the end where you are released from the maze and given the opportunity to take in a full breath and blow it out with satisfaction.

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