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Friday, April 10, 2015

Habits, Weight Loss and Healthy Eating

      There comes a time when you attempt to put on your favorite jeans and discover extra pounds. Yep the jeans are too snug. I just didn't want to part with my favorite jeans. I'm too busy to shop for a pair that fits exactly as my favorite ones. Well, not really. I just wanted to do other things besides shop for jeans. Instead of shopping I discovered another way I can fit into my favorites and be healthy about it. It's all in the ebook Health Becomes You by Cameron Colter.
      First I discovered I needed to make some changes. Change is difficult. But once you understand how change comes about it's easier to tackle. In the book, it is described as the stairway to change. Next there are discussions about healthy food choices-the good fats, the bad fats and cholesterol. Then there were the short stories that kept the reading interesting.  At the conclusion of the book are 27 tips discussed in the Kindle ebook.
      Best of all it can purchased for free through Kindle Unlimited. Here is the link to Health Becomes You

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      If you are in the mood for a short read offering a little romance and payback, download Geraldine. She will surely capture your heart. Geraldine is the target of the mean girls in the office. She is plain as white bread. The mean girls all have dates and gifts for the day of love. Unfortunately Geraldine doesn't have a date or a gift. She is sick of the mean comments and hearing Happy Valentines Day. 
The time has arrived for Geraldine to fight back. She hatches a plan and it begins with facebook. For a short time Geraldine is available for 99 cents. Regular price is $2.99.

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