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Friday, January 9, 2015

Loving The Series

It seems that the readers have spoken, they love books that offer a series. A few readers have said to me, "Gee I really hated to see the story end. Will there be a sequel?" For the books I have already written I had not planned to include sequels, but maybe in the future I may add on to them.

With those statements in mind I have started a series I am happy to introduce you to. Meet Adawra Reid and Candice Sullivan, your hosts of Midnight Talk. Women love to talk; air out the dirty linen, clear their minds, rag on other women and their men. They love to banter , laugh and share tales of happiness and sadness. Once a week Adawra and Candice open the airwaves to moderate the conversations of the women still awake at midnight.

Throw in a good looking man climbing to the top of the music charts and you've rousted trouble. The ladies hold different opinions of Mr. good looking which serves to splinter their friendship. Be the first to get the updates, first glimpse of the book's cover and advance reading of the first chapter. Subscribe to Tea With Twilight.

In the mean time here's a Mystery Romance you won't want to miss.
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