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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Michael Jackson and Now Bill Cosby

      A talented Black man makes it to the top of the entertainment community lifting with him cash and a legacy. When he reaches the very top, the media steps in and executes him. By the time the media was finished with Michael Jackson his music was no longer heard over the airwaves; no more concerts in the United States. After Michael Jackson was dead, there was an outpouring of love everywhere. His music was on every station. Stations dedicated time to play only Michael Jackson music. No seats were available to be had at his funeral. Funeral tickets were auctioned off on Ebay for enormous returns. Was he ever convicted in a court of law by a group of his peers of the crimes he was charged with; the crimes that lead to his execution by the media? Such a pity that Michael Jackson never saw that love and admiration bestowed upon him after his death.
      Now we have Bill Cosby, another Black man at the top of the entertainment community. He is in the midst of a media execution. His sitcoms and shows have been pulled from the airwaves. His live performances have been cancelled. Has he been convicted of any crimes in a court of law by a jury of his peers or is it just another execution by the media?
     The stories are being claimed years later, stories that make you shake your head. One claim of Bill Cosby giving her a pill and a drink to treat her menstrual cramps made me do a double take. Why is she discussing something so personal with Bill Cosby? If anything actually happened, that piece of conversation right there screams we're more than just friends, consensual.
     If these claims really happened, that's sad. And if they didn't that's even sadder. Why? Because this will be another reason for a woman claiming rape to be treated as a perp and not a victim. This will be another reason a woman will think twice before reporting a rape for fear of not being believed.
     Will we repeat what happened with Michael Jackson?


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