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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Should an Author Participate in the Goodreads Book Giveway

I was quite excited about participating in my first book giveaway on goodreads. 
I was hoping by offering five books in a giveaway, it would give my book exposure and a review or two. Unfortunately, I see the reviews aren't coming. The winners I sent the books to are actually resellers. So far three of the books have been posted for resale as new on Amazon by BooKnackrh, brandnewgoodsus and super_star_seller. Too bad Goodreads can't or won't find a wat to weed this type of activity out. 

It cost me about $11per book per winner. They are reselling it for $11.24-12.84 on amazon, a book they received for free with no intention of reading but selling. I know the winners are not obligated to leave a review but it seems like the giveaway is a hunting ground for free books for resellers to obtain free merchandise they can sell as new to profit on. If the authors doesn't deliver the books, they are banned from participating in the program. The winners have nothing like this. I'm beginning to think the giveaway doesn't have real reader entries, just resellers. I know there is a way this problem can be handled. 

As for exposure, my book was added to 266 bookshelves. I guess that's exposure. I have to wonder whose shelves? Book sellers or readers? Out of over 500 entries I received the addresses of three winners who were resellers that I know of to send my books to. Perhaps the other two will turn out to be true readers who will enjoy the free book they won.  

Would I do it again? My next book is almost complete. I'm not sure if I will do it again. I enjoyed it and would love to do it again if my book was going to a true reader. Unfortunately there is no control over this. So, time will tell. One fact is sure, there will only be one book offered in a giveaway. So I can only feel robbed once instead of five times. 

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