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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Journey of a Book

     Books have traveled a long way since I was in elementary school. Audiobooks were unheard of as being a way of enjoying a book. These types of books were available but were thought of as being for the blind.  Children had access to books accompanied by records and then tapes so they could follow along in their book as the reader read as a way of learning to read.
     Today audiobooks have become popular. When I travel for vacation in my car, because I avoid flying, audiobooks are entertaining. For a sixteen hour drive, I stock up with audiobooks for the kids during the day and audiobooks for adults at night. On one of our trips to Florida the kids enjoyed The Magic Treehouse series and A Series of Unfortunate events. I have to admit, I enjoyed the stories also.
     At one time I would get the print book and the audiobook so when I was in the car I could listen to the audiobook and pickup where I left off with the print book in the house. I have discovered that the audiobook is so much more entertaining. It is like seeing the movie in your thoughts and imagination as the reader reads. The reader takes on characteristics of the characters and bring them to life.
     One thing I have found to be disappointing is when a series reader is changed. After listening to a reader read a book, bring it life, capture the reader and then disappear is disheartening. It is difficult to adjust to  the new reader. Look at it this way; for the duration of a series of books, I have listened to the same voices. They become friends that I can't wait to meet in the next book. Then I am ambushed with new voices proclaiming to be the characters I know so well.  It is so hard to adjust because I know the voices and tones of my characters that I rush to listen to as soon as the new book is out. I live with them as I travel to work and vacations. When the reader is changed it's as if the characters have died. Sometimes I am able to accept the change. Janet Evanovitch switched her reader in the early part of her series so we had not formed a solid bond. I enjoyed the series all the way up to the 19th book, including the books she wrote in between up to the Husband List.
Just a note of fun- I receive emails updating me about news for Janet Evanovitch. Her Book the Husband List had me in hot water. When the then love of my life saw the email proclaiming the Husband List was available, he actually confronted me. When I saw it was from Janet, I burst into laughter. He still didn't think it was funny. Hmmmm, I guess he should not have been reading my emails.
     With that said, I have enjoyed James Patterson's Alex Cross for some years now. I have been through so much with Alex, the murder of his first wife, the marriage to his second, almost loosing Nana, the death of his foster daughter, all of his injuries, attacks on his family and sleepless nights. I have watched his children grow up. They each have their own voice and tones displaying happiness, sadness and disappointment that I have become accustomed to over the years. I think to myself, I pray, I cross my fingers, when the new book comes out, please be Alex and not someone different. Sad, isn't it? I know, I know, you're saying, "Get a life girl."
     In answer, I have many lives and adventures in all the books I listen to, read and yes write.

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