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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Should Authors Review Their Own Books

     I was considering leaving a review of my own books as Goodreads tells the authors they can. I didn't feel really comfortable with it. It seemed like I would be touting my own horn. So, I decided to google the subject and was routed to a conversation on Goodreads. The conversation was insightful and boasted both sides of the question; should an author review their own books?
     Here is what I came away with:

  • Cons- The author rating his or her own book is offensive, tacky and unethical. The author is too close to the work and would not be able to rate it objectively, a biased opinion. The author's rating of his or her book may skew the ratings.
  • Pros- If the author rates his or her own books it shows that they not only wrote but read it. The review would show what the author thought of the book if he or she is being honest.

     It's really difficult to watch your book sit on the shelf without a rating. I was tempted to rate mine just to see a rating. I did intend to give an honest review but, now I wonder how honest it would be. From my point of view, I enjoy love stories with a little mystery and a touch of erotica, so my review would have been an honest one.
     I wrote the HIM Trilogy, but the time came when I had to review the entire book for mistakes to have a bound book for sale. I found it hard to review the book for mistakes as I kept getting drawn into the story and found myself reading the story instead of reviewing for mistakes. I have read this book a few times with the same result of being drawn into the story. I enjoyed it and would have given it a 5 star. If I had to rate them individually, I would have given book one 3 stars only because I think sentence structure could have been better.
     So, instead of posting my own review, I have decided to pass my advance copy on to a reader and let her review it on Goodreads. Here is my reasoning for the decision. Let's say I wanted to find a plastic surgeon to do an eyelift or a mini facelift to get back my youthful appearance. My face is quite important to me and I wouldn't trust just anyone coming at it with a knife. So, when I hunt up reviews on the plastic surgeon, his review doesn't count and doesn't matter to me.  All I want to know about him is what his patients thought of his work, bedside manner and final results of the surgeries.
     I believe that is what a reader wants to know, if other readers enjoyed the book and thought it worth the investment. So for now, I will wait patiently to see what rating readers place on my books.


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