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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Preparing for Sleep Away Camp

     This is the second year my daughter and I have participated in the Girl Scout's sleep away camp. We learned from year one that to get into the activity you want, you have to be online waiting to register when registration opens. Equestrian camp is popular. So in January we were on the look out for the start of registration. The first day registration opened, we were in line on the internet waiting to register. Shouts of joy were uttered as we claimed our spot at the Horse Lovers Camp.
     Now, here is the kicker. This is our second year so, not only did we know what to take to camp, the Girl Scouts send information in the mail and in email format outlining everything. And today, our big day to head for camp, we were unprepared. I left the packing up to my daughter thinking I would double check everything the morning we were to leave. As luck would have it, she had misplaced things she needed that I had purchased last year. She was suppose to pack them away. So, they are packed away somewhere; we just can't find them.
     Before we could go to camp we made a WalMart stop to repurchase camp dishes so she would have something to put her food on. But WalMart was out of camping dishes. So we improvised with other hard plastic dishes. We repurchased a water bottle that the bugs couldn't get into. Her pillow left at home, we repurchased a pillow and pillow case. We didn't remove those huge D batteries from her lamp, so we bought more. They probably would have still been dead after a year anyway.
     She couldn't find the rain gear, so she packed a water repellant jacket. Thank goodness because it is pouring outside. So, with all that said, shop in advance when you get the list and when your camper comes home don't leave the putting away of the gear for next year to her. I was so happy she had the lamp. They are expensive.
     When your camper goes to camp, keep in mind there may or may not be a bathroom they are accustomed to. As my daughter told me, "No flushing toilets." There is no electricity in the cabins, hence the battery operated lamp.
     The next hurdle is the bugs. Be sure to send bug repellant and implore your camper to use it and reapply it during the day. My camper had it and used it once in the morning. She returned home with bites all over her legs and yes she still has the scars. The same advice to your camper for sunblock. Once a day is not enough.
     If you have a young one who will be staying at camp for a week or more here are some of the basics to start gathering:

  • Flashlight with batteries plus extra. (or a battery operated lamp)
  • two towels- one for the pool and one for the shower
  • Mesh bag for wet clothes
  • mess kit- unbreakable cup, bowel, plate, knife, fork and spoon
  • backpack to carry item around camp
  • sleeping bag and sheet or blanket
  • pillow
  • toiletries
  • hair ties
  • raincoat or poncho
  • sunhat
  • A book to read, no electronics allowed.
Well, we made it to camp an hour late after shopping in Big Lots with 20% off of everything, and low and behold we had not one book. We will be better prepared next year.

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