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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Dance of Foreplay

This post is an excerpt from a book I'm currently working on. Your help is needed. After reading this passage, would you read on? Does it capture your interest? Do you want to know more about Theron and Zara? Please leave a comment below the post. Follow by email for book give aways and updates.

The expansive room was romantically dim with only hints of light spewing from the candles dressing the walls. Classical music hummed in the air. Dancing feet lightly tapped at the Maple floor. Theron’s eyes beheld a young divine woman from across the room.  Golden hughes flickered over Creamy skin with wisps of softly flowing chestnut curls drizzling around her oval face flowing to her bare shoulders.  Her eyes saw only the table which was shared with no one but herself. Theron’s gaze held her alluring beauty  in secret as he studied her and admired her as a piece of fine art. Her face rose and her brown eyes circled in gold looked past Theron and her ruby pouty lips beckoned to him. He longed to touch them with his; to finger them and feel her tongue devour each of his finger tips. He looked closer and thought he saw one lone tear slide from her eye, down her cheek and melt into the cloth adorning the table.
    Theron’s heart ached for her. Why was such a magnificent specimen of a woman shedding tears at such a romantic place. Her sadness enticed him, called to him.
    Theron could watch no more as another tear slid from his desires  golden eye and disappeared down her cheek. His feet carried him to stand in her eye’s sight.
    “Tears have no place on the face of such an angelic creation,” Theron said to the young woman. “My name is Theron,” he said reaching for her hand.
    The golden eyes lifted to descry a man much older than herself but definitely attractive. Her consciousness rose as she surveilled the broad shoulders dressed in a black suit. She eyed the white shirt opened enough to tease her with the view of a few stands of black straight hair.
    Her hand affectionately met Theron’s as she peered into a pair of intense jade hooded eyes.
    “My name is Zara,” She said lightly as Theron pressed his lips to her hand.
    “I’m Theron and it would give me the greatest pleasure to have such a beautiful woman dance with me.”
    Theron released her hand, walked behind her and slid her chair out. He returned to face Zara, took her hand and eased her from the space she occupied alone in silent agony. Theron placed his left hand tenderly around her waist while his right hand embraced her left holding it near his cheek. He drew her in close and and stepped quietly to the music humming in the air.
    Zara’s elegant crystal embellished peep toe pumps followed step with Theron’s black patent leather wingtip oxfords. No words were spoken between them. They just held each other’s eyes and danced the seductive dance of foreplay. Theron swept Zara across the mahogany floor through the elegant glass doors into the night lit by the smiling moon and twinkling stars and danced to the music of night crickets.

    He folded her into his embrace as his senses were pleasured with the warm, intoxicating sensual redolence  of her essence. Theron curved Zara’s back as he entwined her in a salsa dip, pressed his lips against her cleavage and lightly slid his tongue smoothly up her chest, her neck, her chin to her mouth; tasting her lips.

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