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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Five Years Without Michael Jackson

     June 29, 2009. Do you remember what you were doing when you received the news that Michael Jackson (MJ) was dead? I don't know why but I made a website to commemorate my memory of  Michael. Each time the page loads and the music starts I feel so uplifted.  Click the link to experience the page

     Here are the words I wrote on the page that awful day:

The ShockJune 25,2009 is a date the world will always remember. You probably remember what you were doing when the news of Michael Jackson's death reached your ears. The thoughts of, is this really true? I was sitting at my computer with the TV on the TV Guide Channel as usual to limit the silence in the house. I heard the announcement, "Michael Jackson has been taken to the hospital". I really didn't think anything of it. He would be okay. Right? He always was. Those were my thoughts. Then my daughter sent me a text, "Is Michael Jackson dead? I replied instantly,  "Of coarse not. He was just taken to the hospital. He is fine". As soon as I sent that text I felt a sadness come over me. Suppose he is dead? I went straight to Google. Typed in Is Michael Jackson dead? The reply was affirmative. Shocked, numb and tears in my eyes I sent the text to my daughter, "yes, he is gone".  Wach as the world discovers MJ is gone.

The Denial

The world still numb and in disbelief about MJ's death went into a state of denial. Many of us sat glued to the TV just waiting to hear this was a hoax. Others who could, went to the hospital to await news. Out of denial grew stories of sightings of MJ and fictional stories
about MJ planning his fake death. There were theories that MJ wasn't dead, his body double was dead. This was supposed to be his ticket to freedom. Let's analyze this theory. I was shocked that I even considered this until giving it deeper thought. To pull off a stunt like that there would have to be so many people involved including the family followed by the police, coroner, hospital, etc. I knew there was no way this could be remotely true after
hearing and seeing his daughter Paris at the funeral. There is no way MJ would hurt his children so deeply while he lived anonymously in another country. MJ has been in the spotlight his entire life. Do you think he could live without it? This was a way of life for him.  Anyway, no matter where MJ went there is no disguise that would mask him.  Watch here as the crowd gather otside the hospital

The Anger

Now that the world is coming to terms with MJ's death, who is to blame. Outraged about the autopsy findings, Dr. Murray, MJ's private physician is investigated. This was an avoidable loss. How did this happen? Did Dr. Murry leave MJ unattended while he was receiving Diprivan?  

Heading Toward Acce
Next the world look to the funeral day for MJ. It is time to say goodbye. Millions attempt to get one of the 17,500 tickets to the Staple Center. How surprised were you when the Golden Casket made its appearance on the stage of the Staple Center?  How many of you felt the eerie need to see MJ just one more time? Seems like such a gruesome thought. But, Lincoln was displayed for two weeks. MJ has been in our lives for a lifetime. He is so missed. The airwaves are filled with his music. The networks carry any news about MJ as it happens. I felt so sad for a long time. Too bad this outpouring of love of MJ and his music weren't displayed during MJ's lifetime. How many of you thought we had said goodbye to MJ at the Staple Center? Not so. The saga began. Why wasn't MJ laid to rest for so long? Was it fear of his body being stolen? Or was it the family not being able to let go. After all, his death was sudden. He was the youngest. Did it take the Jacksons that long to accept the loss and finally be able to say goodbye to our Icon? Finally, on September 4, 2009, we say goodbye to MJ at Forrest Lawn Mausoleum in California.                                                                  

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