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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Don't Wait To Find Out On Facebook

       A friend whom you haven't had contact with in 14 years sends an email asking for a call. You call, and there is a plea on the other end asking for a visit and the dreaded words I'm sick. Because you have been out of touch for so many years, do you take your time going? Do you take the plea lightly because he or she will be there when you get there. 
      Your friend hasn't called back in months to ask if you're coming. So what do you do? Check the Facebook page and see what your friend is up to. Your friend has been called home. Words of mourning grace the pages of Facebook.
     Now you can never see your friend or talk to your friend. You were called with a plea for a visit from a voice in the past. Heed it; go visit now. You may never have another chance to say goodbye. Rest in peace my friend.

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