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The Romantic Suspense Novels

Two Women.
Two Stories of Love, 
Betrayal, and Suspense.
The Lexi Allen Collection.

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I was determined to keep my man faithful... by any means.

I have spent my life trying to please my strict, religious parents until the man with the lame line enters my life and captures my heart. Choosing between my father, the minister, and Andrew, the man I love, is a contract drawn up in the fires of hell. Now, I have to choose between the good-girl life or a life with the man I love.

He broke my heart. This makes me more determined than ever to make him mine—at any cost.

I never imagined the price would top my wildest dream.

HEA (Happily Ever After)
Forbidden romance
Medium heat



Download yours starting 11/24/22 until 11/25/22  for Free on Amazon!

The Wedding Band Is All That Matters.

From the first moment our eyes met, I knew he was my destiny, except...

I was not prepared for the secrets hidden in the back of his closet.

Damon changed my life early in our relationship, and the next thing I knew he was gone. Seventeen years later, something unexpected happens that embraces all my hopes and dreams of having a love that is everlasting until the secrets start creeping out of the closet.

HEA (Happily Ever After)

Forbidden romance

Medium heat


The clock is ticking. 
To keep her marriage, Christina has to beat the clock.  
A Romantic Thriller. It will keep you turning pages. Sexy. Provocative. Intriguing.
Every marriage has a secret or two or more, but Christina's has a big one--a secret she has kept for nine years. Her husband Derek doesn't suspect a thing. A blackmailer has entered the picture, and now Christina's exposure is imminent. The blackmailer is demanding payment that Christina does not have. If she fails to pay, her secret will be leaked and she will lose her husband and children on Christmas day.

Megan wants it all—the ring, the children, and the marriage, but Masilo said it's just a piece of paper. Megan doesn't agree. He heads for the shower and Megan heads for revenge. Free with Kindle Unlimited.
Not HEA.

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