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The Romantic Suspense Novels

Three Women.
Three Stories of Love, 
Betrayal, and Suspense.

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Beth is determined to keep her man faithful.
How far would you go?

Beth is single, twenty-two, and about to graduate from college as a nurse. 
The one thing college did not prepare her for was relationships. 

The clock is ticking. 
To keep her marriage, Christina has to beat the clock.  
A Romantic Thriller. It will keep you turning pages. Sexy. Provocative. Intriguing.
Every marriage has a secret or two or more, but Christina's has a big one--a secret she has kept for nine years. Her husband Derek doesn't suspect a thing. A blackmailer has entered the picture, and now Christina's exposure is imminent. The blackmailer is demanding payment that Christina does not have. If she fails to pay, her secret will be leaked and she will lose her husband and children on Christmas day.

Megan wants it all—the ring, the children, and the marriage, but Masilo said it's just a piece of paper. Megan doesn't agree. He heads for the shower and Megan heads for revenge. 
 Episode 2 of the Ashes Of Old Lovers series, Megan is a person of interest. The police may be looking for her. She opts for a new identity, a new look, and a new town. She's trying out for a new career and a new man. Megan's lies are catching up to her and landing her in hot water. 
Episode 3 of the Ashes series, Megan has a new life, new friends, and a new job. She has her eye on a new love. Just when she thought everything was smooth sailing, her past, present, and future collide.

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