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Sunday, August 30, 2020

New Ebook Series- Midnight Talk

Two women.
One hot man between them.
Let the masquerade begin.

On a trip to Baltimore, Adawra and Candice who host the popular radio talk show Midnight Talk in Miami, happen upon the Amphitheatre at the Inner Harbor—a historic seaport, tourist attraction, and landmark of the city—where they see street performers for the first time. 

Adawra is instantly enamored with one of the entertainers. He has a voice like dripping chocolate. She doesn't notice the barriers between them—he's black, she's white, he's homeless, and she's well off, but the differences do not escape Candice. For her, although she shares his race, he's nothing more than a street bum, and she is not shy about airing her feelings on the matter.

Adawra sees an opportunity. This performer could put her brother's record label on the charts. Candice disagrees. He's nothing but big trouble. When he arrives in Miami, he doesn't have a clue that a dangerous past is packed away in his suitcase. Will he turn out to be the bum Candice believes him to be, or will he be the knight in shining armor Adawra needs? Here is where the mystery begins laced with the makings of a romantic thriller. 

Coming Soon. The new Midnight Talk series will join the BMB Books family.

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