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Monday, September 22, 2014

How to Promote Your Self Published Book

The biggest stumbling block for self published authors is book promotion. How do we get our books in front of readers? Well, here is an idea. I read many, many books but I have not been reviewing them. Big, big mistake .
Did you know that your book review of books you have read can help with your promotion campaign of your self published book? Here is how it works. You've read a book that you bought from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or maybe you borrowed it from the library; review it. Add your author name and a link back to your book on Amazon.

      *Go to type in the name of the book you want to review in the search bar.
      *From the drop down select books or Kindle store.
      *Scroll to the bottom of the reviews and click on write a customer review.
      *Give your review a title.
      *Sign your review with your name such as Brigitta Moon (Author).
      *Submit your review.
Now the best part takes place when you check your email and Amazon says your latest review has just gone live with a link to edit your review. Click the edit link. Now under your name you could add Author of and insert a link to your title. Here is how it's done:
      *Copy the ASIN number of your ebook or the ISBN of your book.
      *Above your review to the right is a link that says insert a product link.
      *Click it and paste your ASIN or ISBN.
      *Select your title when it appears.
      *Preview your review.
      *Submit it and you're done.

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